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Economic activity (EMTAK 2008)
Economic activities total4 619.25 294.95 843.36 414.06 801.0
Electricity, steam and hot water supply1 338.61 461.31 582.81 812.52 128.4
..mining and agglomeration of oil-shale
..extraction of peat47.457.063.170.477.5
Manufacturing3 074.53 595.33 979.04 287.94 316.3
..manufacture of food products443.8485.7523.6582.0558.8
....processing and preserving of meat and meat products91.896.9114.1133.9134.0
....processing and preserving of fish51.453.360.870.560.8
....processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables18.122.626.530.833.0
....manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
....manufacture of dairy products123.5132.4134.2142.1138.7
....manufacture of grain mill products
....manufacture of bakery and farinaceous products82.079.876.480.683.7
....manufacture of other food products38.560.168.685.469.0
....manufacture of prepared animal feeds13.915.014.415.315.3
..manufacture of beverages135.9156.5173.3163.7156.0
..manufacture of textiles195.4186.3160.5139.3122.9
..manufacture of wearing apparel64.666.
..manufacture of leather and related products11.712.312.213.013.9
..manufacture of wood and wood products509.9635.2673.4711.6644.9
..manufacture of paper and paper products220.0253.5267.3273.2276.7
..printing and reproduction of recorded media113.1134.0160.9174.4175.2
..manufacture of refined petroleum products26.844.8
..manufacture of chemicals and chemical products144.0151.6157.9200.0200.9
..manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations8.68.9
..manufacture of rubber and plastic products114.0136.2160.6168.9181.9
..manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products242.7323.6391.7421.2446.7
..manufacture of basic metals8.414.819.721.825.9
..manufacture of fabricated metal products306.8363.5404.7448.0474.3
..manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products105.791.389.078.279.1
....manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment1.
..manufacture of electrical equipment55.579.9105.9132.9138.3
..manufacture of machinery and equipment64.768.396.9113.7130.3
..manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers67.072.483.892.092.4
..manufacture of other transport equipment8.726.824.917.318.5
..manufacture of furniture151.2194.7196.1203.7192.6
..other manufacturing30.928.236.939.936.4 and installation of machinery and equipment45.260.658.554.156.2
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