IndicatorGroup of enterprisesEvaluation of the importance of taking work results into account in remuneration
Number of enterprises, thousandsEnterprises totalTotal18.4
Very/rather important9.4
Neither this nor that3.6
Not/rather not important5.4
Very/rather important8.0
Neither this nor that2.9
Not/rather not important4.1
Non-profit associations and foundationsTotal1.2
Very/rather important0.4
Neither this nor that0.2
Not/rather not important0.6
State and local government agenciesTotal2.1
Very/rather important0.9
Neither this nor that0.6
Not/rather not important0.6
Enterprises of primary sectorTotal0.7
Enterprises of secondary sector5.0
Very/rather important2.7
Neither this nor that0.9
Not/rather not important1.5
Enterprises of tertiary sectorTotal12.6
Very/rather important6.5
Neither this nor that2.6
Not/rather not important3.6
Enterprises of Northern EstoniaTotal9.7
Very/rather important5.5
Neither this nor that1.8
Not/rather not important2.4
Enterprises of Central EstoniaTotal1.5
Very/rather important0.8
Neither this nor that0.3
Not/rather not important0.4
Enterprises of Northeastern EstoniaTotal1.2
Very/rather important0.8
Not/rather not important0.3
Enterprises of Western EstoniaTotal1.6
Very/rather important0.8
Neither this nor that0.4
Not/rather not important0.4
Enterprises of Southern EstoniaTotal4.3
Very/rather important1.5
Neither this nor that1.0
Not/rather not important1.9
Enterprises with 5-9 employeesTotal9.0
Very/rather important3.8
Neither this nor that2.1
Not/rather not important3.1
Enterprises with 10-49 employeesTotal7.5
Very/rather important4.3
Neither this nor that1.2
Not/rather not important2.0
Enterprises with 50-249 employeesTotal1.7
Very/rather important1.1
Neither this nor that0.3
Not/rather not important0.2
Enterprises with 250 and more employeesTotal0.2
Very/rather important0.2
Neither this nor that0.0
Not/rather not important0.0
Share of enterprises (total=100), %Enterprises totalTotal100.0
Very/rather important51.0
Neither this nor that19.8
Not/rather not important29.2
Very/rather important53.2
Neither this nor that19.2
Not/rather not important27.6
Non-profit associations and foundationsTotal100.0
Very/rather important35.1
Neither this nor that13.1
Not/rather not important51.8
State and local government agenciesTotal100.0
Very/rather important44.4
Neither this nor that28.1
Not/rather not important27.5
Enterprises of primary sectorTotal100.0
Enterprises of secondary sector100.0
Very/rather important52.7
Neither this nor that18.5
Not/rather not important28.8
Enterprises of tertiary sectorTotal100.0
Very/rather important51.4
Neither this nor that20.3
Not/rather not important28.4
Enterprises of Northern EstoniaTotal100.0
Very/rather important56.8
Neither this nor that19.0
Not/rather not important24.2
Enterprises of Central EstoniaTotal100.0
Very/rather important52.6
Neither this nor that18.2
Not/rather not important29.2
Enterprises of Northeastern EstoniaTotal100.0
Very/rather important60.8
Not/rather not important22.5
Enterprises of Western EstoniaTotal100.0
Very/rather important50.5
Neither this nor that22.4
Not/rather not important27.2
Enterprises of Southern EstoniaTotal100.0
Very/rather important34.9
Neither this nor that22.2
Not/rather not important42.9
Enterprises with 5-9 employeesTotal100.0
Very/rather important42.5
Neither this nor that23.5
Not/rather not important34.0
Enterprises with 10-49 employeesTotal100.0
Very/rather important56.9
Neither this nor that15.7
Not/rather not important27.4
Enterprises with 50-249 employeesTotal100.0
Very/rather important67.5
Neither this nor that18.8
Not/rather not important13.6
Enterprises with 250 and more employeesTotal100.0
Very/rather important71.8
Neither this nor that16.3
Not/rather not important11.9
Data extracted on 20 aug 2022 05:59 UTC (GMT) fromStatistika andmebaas


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