Reference period20092015
IndicatorGroup of enterprisesEvaluation of combining work and family life
Numbers of enterprises, thousandsEnterprises totalTotal18.416.4
Very/rather important13.411.0
Neither this nor that2.73.5
Not/rather not important2.22.0
Very/rather important10.98.9
Neither this nor that2.63.0
Not/rather not important1.61.6
Non-profit associations and foundationsTotal1.20.9
Very/rather important1.00.7
State and local government agenciesTotal2.12.0
Very/rather important1.51.3
Neither this nor that0.20.4
Not/rather not important0.50.3
Enterprises of primary sectorTotal0.70.6
Very/rather important0.50.5
Enterprises of secondary sectorTotal5.04.6
Very/rather important3.42.8
Neither this nor that1.11.2
Not/rather not important0.50.6
Enterprises of tertiary sectorTotal12.611.2
Very/rather important9.57.7
Neither this nor that1.52.2
Not/rather not important1.71.2
Enterprises of Northern EstoniaTotal9.78.8
Very/rather important7.55.9
Neither this nor that1.42.2
Not/rather not important0.90.7
Enterprises of Central EstoniaTotal1.51.3
Very/rather important1.11.0
Neither this nor that0.2..
Enterprises of Northeastern EstoniaTotal1.20.9
Very/rather important0.90.5
Not/rather not important0.3..
Enterprises of Western EstoniaTotal1.61.8
Very/rather important1.21.2
Neither this nor that..0.4
Enterprises of Southern EstoniaTotal4.33.5
Very/rather important2.82.3
Neither this nor that0.90.5
Not/rather not important0.70.6
Enterprises with 5-9 employeesTotal9.06.9
Very/rather important7.04.9
Neither this nor that1.01.1
Not/rather not important1.00.9
Enterprises with 10-49 employeesTotal7.57.6
Very/rather important5.24.8
Neither this nor that1.32.0
Not/rather not important1.00.8
Enterprises with 50-249 employeesTotal1.71.6
Very/rather important1.11.0
Neither this nor that0.40.3
Not/rather not important0.20.3
Enterprises with 250 and more employeesTotal0.20.3
Very/rather important0.10.2
Neither this nor that0.1..
Not/rather not important0.0..
Share of enterprises (total=100), %Enterprises totalTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important72.966.9
Neither this nor that14.921.3
Not/rather not important12.111.9
Very/rather important72.665.8
Neither this nor that17.022.1
Not/rather not important10.412.0
Non-profit associations and foundationsTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important84.180.9
State and local government agenciesTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important68.967.3
Neither this nor that7.520.0
Not/rather not important23.612.6
Enterprises of primary sectorTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important69.674.4
Enterprises of secondary sectorTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important67.960.4
Neither this nor that22.425.9
Not/rather not important9.713.7
Enterprises of tertiary sectorTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important75.169.1
Neither this nor that11.819.8
Not/rather not important13.111.1
Enterprises of Northern EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important77.166.9
Neither this nor that13.924.9
Not/rather not important9.18.2
Enterprises of Central EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important72.077.0
Neither this nor that12.9..
Enterprises of Northeastern EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important69.054.3
Not/rather not important20.7..
Enterprises of Western EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important76.664.7
Neither this nor that..21.2
Enterprises of Southern EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important63.767.3
Neither this nor that21.215.2
Not/rather not important15.017.5
Enterprises with 5-9 employeesTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important77.771.2
Neither this nor that10.916.2
Not/rather not important11.512.5
Enterprises with 10-49 employeesTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important69.563.7
Neither this nor that17.526.4
Not/rather not important13.010.0
Enterprises with 50-249 employeesTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important63.961.3
Neither this nor that24.120.5
Not/rather not important12.018.2
Enterprises with 250 and more employeesTotal100.0100.0
Very/rather important62.478.8
Neither this nor that25.2..
Not/rather not important12.4..
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