Reference period200920152021
IndicatorGroup of employeesSatisfaction with possibilities to gain new skills and knowledge at work
Number of employees, thousandsEmployees totalTotal484.0527.8523.3
Not satisfied21.021.613.2
Rather not satisfied40.643.834.7
Neither this nor that144.8151.4152.5
Rather satisfied217.9251.1241.6
Very satisfied59.859.981.3
Employees of companiesTotal359.3390.4369.5
Not satisfied17.116.410.0
Rather not satisfied31.735.128.2
Neither this nor that118.0122.1115.3
Rather satisfied154.4177.4163.4
Very satisfied38.139.552.5
Employees of non-profit associations and foundationsTotal27.734.539.5
Rather not satisfied3.02.9..
Neither this nor that8.67.710.2
Rather satisfied9.718.518.5
Very satisfied5.54.57.9
Employees of state and local government agenciesTotal97.1102.8114.3
Not satisfied3.14.3..
Rather not satisfied5.95.85.1
Neither this nor that18.121.626.9
Rather satisfied53.855.259.7
Very satisfied16.115.920.8
Employees of enterprises of primary sectorTotal11.610.815.5
Rather not satisfied1.70.9..
Neither this nor that5.54.75.1
Rather satisfied3.04.37.1
Very satisfied..0.51.9
Employees of enterprises of secondary sectorTotal143.2162.4135.4
Not satisfied7.08.23.8
Rather not satisfied11.318.813.6
Neither this nor that54.950.147.0
Rather satisfied56.370.455.2
Very satisfied13.814.915.8
Employees of enterprises of tertiary sectorTotal329.2354.6372.3
Not satisfied13.713.08.9
Rather not satisfied27.524.120.0
Neither this nor that84.496.6100.4
Rather satisfied158.6176.4179.3
Very satisfied45.044.663.6
Managers and professionalsTotal123.2162.2152.6
Not satisfied4.15.41.7
Rather not satisfied7.210.66.6
Neither this nor that19.734.927.1
Rather satisfied68.987.784.0
Very satisfied23.323.733.0
Technicians, associate professionals and clerical support workersTotal116.5103.6104.5
Not satisfied3.93.62.0
Rather not satisfied10.79.07.9
Neither this nor that24.625.525.7
Rather satisfied58.752.951.2
Very satisfied18.512.617.7
Service and sales workersTotal58.658.382.2
Not satisfied1.8....
Rather not satisfied5.94.64.5
Neither this nor that18.614.022.7
Rather satisfied27.430.040.0
Very satisfied4.96.412.5
Skilled workers, craft and related trades workersTotal64.070.867.3
Not satisfied..3.7..
Rather not satisfied6.07.36.6
Neither this nor that26.720.320.9
Rather satisfied24.532.330.2
Very satisfied5.47.28.0
Plant and machine operators and assemblersTotal69.072.459.3
Not satisfied3.23.73.7
Rather not satisfied6.66.44.8
Neither this nor that29.628.526.0
Rather satisfied24.329.821.4
Very satisfied5.34.03.4
Elementary occupations and armed forces occupationsTotal52.760.557.4
Not satisfied6.62.0..
Rather not satisfied4.15.94.2
Neither this nor that25.628.230.0
Rather satisfied14.118.414.7
Very satisfied2.46.16.6
Male employeesTotal231.5269.2233.3
Not satisfied6.612.26.0
Rather not satisfied17.119.917.1
Neither this nor that74.679.675.8
Rather satisfied107.0128.2102.9
Very satisfied26.229.231.6
Female employeesTotal252.5258.6289.9
Not satisfied14.49.47.2
Rather not satisfied23.523.917.6
Neither this nor that70.271.776.6
Rather satisfied110.9122.9138.8
Very satisfied33.530.749.7
Employees aged 15-24Total43.532.937.4
Rather not satisfied3.7....
Neither this nor that10.78.511.6
Rather satisfied23.719.214.5
Very satisfied5.42.78.8
Employees aged 25-49Total276.7322.9296.9
Not satisfied14.714.37.7
Rather not satisfied24.027.722.0
Neither this nor that71.582.577.6
Rather satisfied130.3156.6143.0
Very satisfied36.241.946.6
Employees aged 50-64Total138.7144.6153.1
Not satisfied5.66.34.1
Rather not satisfied12.212.110.0
Neither this nor that51.148.349.0
Rather satisfied54.864.768.2
Very satisfied15.013.221.8
Employees aged 65-74 and olderTotal25.127.435.8
Neither this nor that11.512.114.3
Rather satisfied9.110.515.9
Very satisfied3.22.24.1
Employees of enterprises of Northern EstoniaTotal293.3323.2318.7
Not satisfied13.512.87.4
Rather not satisfied21.824.621.9
Neither this nor that81.290.489.1
Rather satisfied140.8156.1150.6
Very satisfied36.039.349.8
Employees of enterprises of Central EstoniaTotal29.629.634.8
Not satisfied1.91.8..
Rather not satisfied2.43.13.1
Neither this nor that9.88.09.6
Rather satisfied8.813.217.4
Very satisfied6.73.64.1
Employees of enterprises of Northeastern EstoniaTotal34.134.930.4
Rather not satisfied3.01.8..
Neither this nor that17.813.712.6
Rather satisfied10.815.710.2
Very satisfied1.92.84.7
Employees of enterprises of Western EstoniaTotal36.142.538.4
Not satisfied..1.5..
Rather not satisfied3.94.82.0
Neither this nor that10.312.713.1
Rather satisfied18.517.917.8
Very satisfied2.85.64.5
Employees of enterprises of Southern EstoniaTotal91.097.6101.0
Not satisfied4.34.7..
Rather not satisfied9.59.57.0
Neither this nor that25.726.628.0
Rather satisfied39.148.145.6
Very satisfied12.48.618.1
Share of employees (total=100), %Employees totalTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied4.34.12.5
Rather not satisfied8.48.36.6
Neither this nor that29.928.729.1
Rather satisfied45.047.646.2
Very satisfied12.411.415.5
Employees of companiesTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied4.74.22.7
Rather not satisfied8.89.07.6
Neither this nor that32.931.331.2
Rather satisfied43.045.444.2
Very satisfied10.610.114.2
Employees of non-profit associations and foundationsTotal100.0100.0100.0
Rather not satisfied10.78.3..
Neither this nor that31.222.325.7
Rather satisfied35.153.546.9
Very satisfied20.013.120.1
Employees of state and local government agenciesTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied3.24.1..
Rather not satisfied6.05.64.4
Neither this nor that18.721.023.6
Rather satisfied55.453.752.2
Very satisfied16.615.518.2
Employees of enterprises of primary sectorTotal100.0100.0100.0
Rather not satisfied14.78.1..
Neither this nor that47.743.632.5
Rather satisfied25.639.945.5
Very satisfied..4.312.0
Employees of enterprises of secondary sectorTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied4.95.12.8
Rather not satisfied7.911.610.1
Neither this nor that38.330.934.7
Rather satisfied39.343.440.8
Very satisfied9.69.211.7
Employees of enterprises of tertiary sectorTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied4.23.72.4
Rather not satisfied8.46.85.4
Neither this nor that25.627.227.0
Rather satisfied48.249.748.2
Very satisfied13.712.617.1
Managers and professionalsTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied3.33.31.1
Rather not satisfied5.96.54.3
Neither this nor that16.021.517.8
Rather satisfied55.954.155.1
Very satisfied18.914.621.7
Technicians, associate professionals and clerical support workersTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied3.43.41.9
Rather not satisfied9.28.77.6
Neither this nor that21.124.624.6
Rather satisfied50.451.149.0
Very satisfied15.912.216.9
Service and sales workersTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied3.1....
Rather not satisfied10.17.95.5
Neither this nor that31.624.027.6
Rather satisfied46.851.448.7
Very satisfied8.310.915.2
Skilled workers, craft and related trades workersTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied..5.2..
Rather not satisfied9.310.39.8
Neither this nor that41.728.631.1
Rather satisfied38.345.644.9
Very satisfied8.410.211.9
Plant and machine operators and assemblersTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied4.65.16.2
Rather not satisfied9.68.88.1
Neither this nor that42.939.443.8
Rather satisfied35.241.236.1
Very satisfied7.65.55.8
Elementary occupations and armed forces occupationsTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied12.43.3..
Rather not satisfied7.79.77.4
Neither this nor that48.546.652.3
Rather satisfied26.730.425.7
Very satisfied4.610.011.6
Male employeesTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied2.94.52.6
Rather not satisfied7.47.47.3
Neither this nor that32.229.632.5
Rather satisfied46.247.644.1
Very satisfied11.310.913.5
Female employeesTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied5.73.62.5
Rather not satisfied9.39.26.1
Neither this nor that27.827.726.4
Rather satisfied43.947.547.9
Very satisfied13.311.917.1
Employees aged 15-24Total100.0100.0100.0
Rather not satisfied8.4....
Neither this nor that24.525.830.9
Rather satisfied54.458.338.9
Very satisfied12.48.223.5
Employees aged 25-49Total100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied5.34.42.6
Rather not satisfied8.78.67.4
Neither this nor that25.825.526.1
Rather satisfied47.148.548.2
Very satisfied13.113.015.7
Employees aged 50-64Total100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied4.04.32.7
Rather not satisfied8.88.36.5
Neither this nor that36.833.432.0
Rather satisfied39.544.844.6
Very satisfied10.89.114.2
Employees aged 65-74 and olderTotal100.0100.0100.0
Neither this nor that45.844.239.9
Rather satisfied36.338.544.2
Very satisfied12.57.911.5
Employees of enterprises of Northern EstoniaTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied4.64.02.3
Rather not satisfied7.47.66.9
Neither this nor that27.728.027.9
Rather satisfied48.048.347.2
Very satisfied12.312.215.6
Employees of enterprises of Central EstoniaTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied6.46.1..
Rather not satisfied8.210.38.8
Neither this nor that33.027.127.6
Rather satisfied29.844.550.1
Very satisfied22.612.011.9
Employees of enterprises of Northeastern EstoniaTotal100.0100.0100.0
Rather not satisfied8.85.2..
Neither this nor that52.339.241.6
Rather satisfied31.645.133.7
Very satisfied5.58.115.5
Employees of enterprises of Western EstoniaTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied..3.6..
Rather not satisfied10.711.25.1
Neither this nor that28.529.834.1
Rather satisfied51.142.246.3
Very satisfied7.713.211.8
Employees of enterprises of Southern EstoniaTotal100.0100.0100.0
Not satisfied4.84.8..
Rather not satisfied10.49.86.9
Neither this nor that28.227.327.8
Rather satisfied42.949.345.2
Very satisfied13.68.817.9
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