2009-2010Do not like to visit librariesPersons with and without disability24.9
Disabled persons25.0
Persons with incapacity for work34.7
Persons with activity limitations23.4
There is no library in the neighbourhoodPersons with and without disability2.1
Persons with activity limitations2.8
Buy books themselvesPersons with and without disability9.7
Disabled persons4.5
Persons with activity limitations6.2
Find the necessary from the InternetPersons with and without disability15.8
Persons with incapacity for work11.3
Persons with activity limitations5.0
Have enough books at homePersons with and without disability20.2
Disabled persons18.1
Persons with incapacity for work13.9
Persons with activity limitations18.0
It is difficult to visit libraries due to health/disabilityPersons with and without disability10.2
Disabled persons42.7
Persons with incapacity for work18.2
Persons with activity limitations30.5
Other reasonPersons with and without disability29.9
Disabled persons15.9
Persons with incapacity for work24.5
Persons with activity limitations22.1
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