Reference period2018
IndicatorNumber of enterprises in the population
Transactions with IPR'sUse of trade secretsClaim a copyrightLicensed out own intellectual property rights (IPRs) to othersSold own IPRs(or assigning IP rights) to othersExchanged IPRs(pooling, cross-licensing, etc.)Purchased or licensed-in patents or other IPRs (all sources)Purchased or licensed-in patents or other IPRs from private enterprises or individualsPurchased or licensed-in patents or other IPRs from public research organisations, universities or heigher education institutions
Group of economic activitiesInnovativeness
Innovation core activitiesTotal number of enterprises1 074431441335732830935
Innovative enterprises954431371285730828935
Non-innovative enterprises120074020200
Industry (except construction)Total number of enterprises448725232511410413
Innovative enterprises40372523251019113
Non-innovative enterprises45000013130
Mining and quarryingTotal number of enterprises70000000
Innovative enterprises70000000
Non-innovative enterprises00000000
ManufacturingTotal number of enterprises4087252225998913
Innovative enterprises3677252225867513
Non-innovative enterprises41000013130
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplyTotal number of enterprises170000880
Innovative enterprises130000880
Non-innovative enterprises40000000
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activitiesTotal number of enterprises150020770
Innovative enterprises150020770
Non-innovative enterprises00000000
Innovation core services activitiesTotal number of enterprises626361191093221420622
Innovative enterprises551361121053220719922
Non-innovative enterprises750740770
Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcyclesTotal number of enterprises196913239555113
Innovative enterprises178913239555113
Non-innovative enterprises190000000
Transportation and storageTotal number of enterprises113000325250
Innovative enterprises86000325250
Non-innovative enterprises280000000
Information and communicationTotal number of enterprises187139464988856
Innovative enterprises173138760981786
Non-innovative enterprises140740770
Financial and insurance activitiesTotal number of enterprises41300212120
Innovative enterprises38300212120
Non-innovative enterprises40000000
Architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis; scientific research and development; advertising and market researchTotal number of enterprises89111222935333
Innovative enterprises78111222935333
Non-innovative enterprises110000000
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