Group of economic activities
Reference period2016
Number of persons employed10 employees or moreFrom 10 to 49 employeesFrom 50 to 99 employeesFrom 100 to 249 employees250 employees or more
Total1 6501 09728917788
Enterprises, engaged in in-house R&D activities6273991026658
Enterprises, engaged continuously in in-house R&D activities316174584143
Enterprises, engaged occasionally in in-house R&D activities311226442516
Enterprises, engaged in external R&D activities273139514537
Enterprises, engaged in acquisition of machinery, equipment and software1 34687125414972
Enterprises, engaged in aquisition of other external knowledge231144382524
Enterprises, engaged in training for innovation activities374201815241
Enterprises, engaged in market introduction of innovations351214664328
Enterprises, engaged in design activities to improve or change the shape of the appearance of goods or services337202644526
Enterprises, engaged in other innovation activities311186614123
Data extracted on 02 okt 2022 09:21 UTC (GMT) fromStatistika andmebaas


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