Reference period20042005200620072008200920102011201220132014201520162017
Gross domestic product per capita, euros7 1258 31310 04012 11812 35310 60011 05312 55613 55914 33215 03715 47816 03517 461
Productivity, euros per hour1212131413141414151515151616
Share of research and development expenditures in the GDP, %1111112222111..
Share of employment in high- and medium-high-technology manufacturing sectors in total employment, %54444444444444
Share of exports of high-technology products in total exports, %101088871015141516151612
Organisations implementing environmental management systems (ISO 14001:2004, EMAS)86149175171235265309361397445498562482587
Organisations implementing ISO 14001:200486148173169233263306358394440492555476582
Organisations implementing EMAS01222233356765
Share of general government surplus/deficit in the GDP, %2133-3-201001000
Share of general government consolidated debt in the GDP, %554457761010111099
Old-age dependency ratio, %2424252626262626272728292930
Share of population with personal experience of corruption, %........5....5..4........
Share of foreign direct investments in Estonia in the GDP, %7584686667787976808587858787
Share of gross external debt of Estonia in the GDP, %7786961071151221121001009296959085
Share of current account balance in the GDP, %-12-9-15-15-9321-210223
Employment rate, %7071767777706770727374767679
Unemployment rate, %1086561417121097676
Graduates in mathematics, science and technology per 1,000 inhabitants aged 20–2991212141211121313..........
Share of persons participating in lifelong learning among persons aged 25–64, %767710111112131312121617
Share of population with tertiary education among persons aged 30–34, %2832333434364040404343454548
Share of students having achieved Level 5 or 6 in the PISA test in reading among all students who took the test, %....6....6....8......11..
Share of students having achieved Level 5 or 6 in the PISA test in mathematics among all students who took the test, %....13....12....15......14..
Share of students having achieved Level 5 or 6 in the PISA test in science among all students who took the test, %....12....10....13......14..
Life expectancy, years72737373747576767677777878..
Life expectancy for males, years67686867697071717173727373..
Life expectancy for females, years78787979798081818181828282..
Healthy life years52505252555756565555555557..
Healthy life years for males50485050535554545354535454..
Healthy life years for females53525455575958585757575659..
New cases of HIV infection per 100,000 inhabitants5546504741312828242522211716
Share of persons with a long-term illness or health problem among persons aged 16 and older, %4138394038404345444446464446
Standardised death rate for alcohol-related deaths158154148155134119107106109949488....
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