Health condition
Reference period201120132015
Activity and material coping
Economically active6963.167.8
Economically inactive3136.932.2
Coping with great difficulty10.69.38.3
Coping with some difficulty30.736.935
Coping fairly easily39.138.538.8
Coping easily19.315.218
Working as a volunteer or in charity12.411.117.5
Played cards, chess or similar games25.325.629.6
Participated in education or training course25.924.628.2
Participated in a sports or other club, society or hobby group30.628.432.7
Participated in activities of a religious organization (church, synagogue, mosque, etc)5.44.7..
Participated in activities of a political or local community organization65.17.4
Read books, newspapers or other periodicals96.89191
Solved crosswords, word or number games like Sudoku56.856.759.4
Still working (has not retired)67.369.490.1
Data extracted on 25 juuni 2022 07:13 UTC (GMT) fromStatistika andmebaas


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