Group of persons
Reference period201120132015
Smoking / consumption of alcohol
At least three or four days a week (during last 3 month)6.66.6..
Once or twice a week (during last 3 month)11.812.4..
Once or twice a month (during last 3 month)18.719.5..
Less than once a month (during last 3 month)2318.5..
Not at all in the last 3 months39.843..
Consume alcohol at least once or twice a week4.412.95.6
Consume alcohol once or twice a month5.415.35.9
Consume alcohol less than once a month716.610.9
Not consume alcohol at all in the last 3 months83.355.377.6
Has never smoked5552.752.9234
Has smoked23.424.624.86712
Smokes currently21.622.722.20948
Smoking for 1-10 years25.925.526.60355
Smoking for 11-20 years17.317.319.39133
Smoking for 21-30 years20.921.821.53936
Smoking for 31-40 years22.423.922.55545
Smoking for 41 and more years13.612.39.91032
Data extracted on 01 okt 2022 18:55 UTC (GMT) fromStatistika andmebaas


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