Group of persons
Reference period201120132015
Mental and physical health / diseases / consumption of medicines
Good/very good/excellent health self-assessment30.231.331.45372
Satisfactory health self-assessment48.14849.43593
Bad health self-assessment21.720.719.11035
Has health-related limitations57.758.158.39044
Does not have health-related limitations42.341.941.60956
Has a long-term illness or health problem72.669.271.91932
No long-term illness or health problem27.430.828.08068
No health limitations that would be an obstacle to employment62.662.164.7571
Has health limitations that are an obstacle to employment37.437.935.2429
No chronic disease1727.628.34785
1 chronic disease27.32927.18846
2 chronic diseases22.419.919.37907
3 chronic diseases14.712.212.0685
4 or more chronic diseases18.611.313.01611
Cardiac diseases1.915.615.4
High blood pressure or hypertension10.446.245.2
A stroke or cerebral vascular disease1.34.64
Diabetes or high blood sugar2.511.211.9
Chronic lung disease1.75.66.1
Cancer or malignant neoplasm2.54.14.5
Ulcers (e.g. stomach or peptic ulcers)
Low vitality index13.413.913.48327
Average vitality index67.968.971.98115
High vitality index18.717.214.53558
No depressive episodes have occurred68.551.868.78831
At least one two-week-long depressive episode has occurred31.548.231.21169
Does not meet EURO-D criteria for depression58.163.265.6
Meets EURO-D criteria for depression41.936.834.4
Does not use any medication71.631.832.77346
Takes 1-2 medicines7.343.941.71037
Takes 3 or more medicines21.124.325.51617
No difficulties72.773.674.7
Difficulties with domestic works22.42222
Difficulties with self-care4.94.414.2
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