Reference period2020
IndicatorAdministrative unit
Number of agricultural holdings with utilised agricultural areaEstonia11 130
Harju county998
Anija rural municipality80
Harku rural municipality20
Jõelähtme rural municipality32
Keila city3
Kiili rural municipality49
Kose rural municipality109
Kuusalu rural municipality131
Loksa city0
Lääne-Harju rural municipality105
Maardu city0
Raasiku rural municipality43
Rae rural municipality62
Saku rural municipality74
Saue rural municipality185
Viimsi rural municipality13
Hiiu county262
Hiiumaa rural municipality262
Ida-Viru county345
Alutaguse rural municipality143
Jõhvi rural municipality19
Kohtla-Järve city
Lüganuse rural municipality97
Narva city
Narva-Jõesuu city27
Sillamäe city0
Toila rural municipality55
Jõgeva county513
Jõgeva rural municipality209
Mustvee rural municipality125
Põltsamaa rural municipality179
Järva county583
Järva rural municipality303
Paide city89
Türi rural municipality191
Lääne county389
Haapsalu city87
Lääne-Nigula rural municipality283
Vormsi rural municipality19
Lääne-Viru county772
Haljala rural municipality112
Kadrina rural municipality116
Rakvere city3
Rakvere rural municipality88
Tapa rural municipality110
Vinni rural municipality139
Viru-Nigula rural municipality71
Väike-Maarja rural municipality133
Põlva county559
Kanepi rural municipality181
Põlva rural municipality208
Räpina rural municipality170
Pärnu county1 324
Häädemeeste rural municipality114
Kihnu rural municipality10
Lääneranna rural municipality395
Põhja-Pärnumaa rural municipality211
Pärnu city250
Saarde rural municipality116
Tori rural municipality228
Rapla county751
Kehtna rural municipality114
Kohila rural municipality77
Märjamaa rural municipality337
Rapla rural municipality223
Saare county877
Muhu rural municipality84
Ruhnu rural municipality9
Saaremaa rural municipality784
Tartu county1 036
Elva rural municipality215
Kambja rural municipality142
Kastre rural municipality115
Luunja rural municipality52
Nõo rural municipality59
Peipsiääre rural municipality158
Tartu city65
Tartu rural municipality230
Valga county695
Otepää rural municipality313
Tõrva rural municipality162
Valga rural municipality220
Viljandi county874
Mulgi rural municipality240
Põhja-Sakala rural municipality225
Viljandi city7
Viljandi rural municipality402
Võru county1 152
Antsla rural municipality229
Röuge rural municipality340
Setomaa rural municipality149
Võru city14
Võru rural municipality420
Utilised agricultural areaEstonia975 324
Harju county71 761
Anija rural municipality6 719
Harku rural municipality2 974
Jõelähtme rural municipality3 932
Keila city48
Kiili rural municipality1 463
Kose rural municipality10 703
Kuusalu rural municipality5 737
Loksa city0
Lääne-Harju rural municipality7 382
Maardu city0
Raasiku rural municipality4 712
Rae rural municipality5 823
Saku rural municipality3 881
Saue rural municipality15 916
Tallinn2 348
Viimsi rural municipality122
Hiiu county16 246
Hiiumaa rural municipality16 246
Ida-Viru county30 522
Alutaguse rural municipality7 451
Jõhvi rural municipality1 276
Kohtla-Järve city
Lüganuse rural municipality11 488
Narva city
Narva-Jõesuu city1 387
Sillamäe city0
Toila rural municipality8 848
Jõgeva county68 592
Jõgeva rural municipality37 258
Mustvee rural municipality6 010
Põltsamaa rural municipality25 323
Järva county80 404
Järva rural municipality44 961
Paide city10 878
Türi rural municipality24 566
Lääne county36 533
Haapsalu city6 535
Lääne-Nigula rural municipality28 412
Vormsi rural municipality1 586
Lääne-Viru county109 028
Haljala rural municipality13 845
Kadrina rural municipality12 205
Rakvere city26
Rakvere rural municipality14 905
Tapa rural municipality15 140
Vinni rural municipality24 061
Viru-Nigula rural municipality6 115
Väike-Maarja rural municipality22 731
Põlva county45 159
Kanepi rural municipality14 113
Põlva rural municipality19 244
Räpina rural municipality11 802
Pärnu county102 900
Häädemeeste rural municipality10 290
Kihnu rural municipality398
Lääneranna rural municipality28 933
Põhja-Pärnumaa rural municipality24 895
Pärnu city15 921
Saarde rural municipality7 076
Tori rural municipality15 386
Rapla county65 320
Kehtna rural municipality11 423
Kohila rural municipality3 327
Märjamaa rural municipality26 659
Rapla rural municipality23 911
Saare county60 107
Muhu rural municipality4 611
Ruhnu rural municipality194
Saaremaa rural municipality55 302
Tartu county101 500
Elva rural municipality28 800
Kambja rural municipality7 796
Kastre rural municipality14 108
Luunja rural municipality5 306
Nõo rural municipality6 738
Peipsiääre rural municipality10 912
Tartu city8 066
Tartu rural municipality19 773
Valga county41 811
Otepää rural municipality12 699
Tõrva rural municipality14 256
Valga rural municipality14 856
Viljandi county85 954
Mulgi rural municipality19 701
Põhja-Sakala rural municipality
Viljandi city
Viljandi rural municipality40 627
Võru county59 487
Antsla rural municipality14 240
Röuge rural municipality15 080
Setomaa rural municipality8 168
Võru city206
Võru rural municipality21 794
Arable landEstonia692 860
Harju county42 287
Anija rural municipality4 432
Harku rural municipality
Jõelähtme rural municipality3 146
Keila city
Kiili rural municipality240
Kose rural municipality8 733
Kuusalu rural municipality2 546
Loksa city0
Lääne-Harju rural municipality3 258
Maardu city0
Raasiku rural municipality3 638
Rae rural municipality3 118
Saku rural municipality1 940
Saue rural municipality9 156
Tallinn1 039
Viimsi rural municipality15
Hiiu county3 731
Hiiumaa rural municipality3 731
Ida-Viru county23 280
Alutaguse rural municipality4 735
Jõhvi rural municipality652
Kohtla-Järve city
Lüganuse rural municipality9 332
Narva city
Narva-Jõesuu city913
Sillamäe city0
Toila rural municipality7 645
Jõgeva county57 932
Jõgeva rural municipality32 346
Mustvee rural municipality4 223
Põltsamaa rural municipality21 364
Järva county67 556
Järva rural municipality39 265
Paide city7 718
Türi rural municipality20 572
Lääne county19 171
Haapsalu city3 644
Lääne-Nigula rural municipality15 503
Vormsi rural municipality25
Lääne-Viru county89 634
Haljala rural municipality9 766
Kadrina rural municipality10 155
Rakvere city
Rakvere rural municipality12 350
Tapa rural municipality13 307
Vinni rural municipality19 652
Viru-Nigula rural municipality
Väike-Maarja rural municipality20 707
Põlva county39 139
Kanepi rural municipality11 840
Põlva rural municipality17 116
Räpina rural municipality10 183
Pärnu county62 449
Häädemeeste rural municipality7 019
Kihnu rural municipality30
Lääneranna rural municipality12 447
Põhja-Pärnumaa rural municipality17 277
Pärnu city10 204
Saarde rural municipality4 724
Tori rural municipality10 748
Rapla county45 626
Kehtna rural municipality7 521
Kohila rural municipality1 913
Märjamaa rural municipality18 769
Rapla rural municipality17 423
Saare county18 395
Muhu rural municipality53
Ruhnu rural municipality9
Saaremaa rural municipality18 333
Tartu county85 833
Elva rural municipality24 121
Kambja rural municipality6 097
Kastre rural municipality12 952
Luunja rural municipality4 891
Nõo rural municipality6 098
Peipsiääre rural municipality8 744
Tartu city6 663
Tartu rural municipality16 267
Valga county26 667
Otepää rural municipality6 964
Tõrva rural municipality10 944
Valga rural municipality8 758
Viljandi county69 251
Mulgi rural municipality15 589
Põhja-Sakala rural municipality
Viljandi city
Viljandi rural municipality33 512
Võru county41 910
Antsla rural municipality9 583
Röuge rural municipality8 982
Setomaa rural municipality6 940
Võru city68
Võru rural municipality16 338
Sown area of cerealsEstonia370 066
Harju county21 583
Anija rural municipality2 149
Harku rural municipality
Jõelähtme rural municipality1 912
Keila city
Kiili rural municipality159
Kose rural municipality5 106
Kuusalu rural municipality1 440
Loksa city0
Lääne-Harju rural municipality1 126
Maardu city0
Raasiku rural municipality2 105
Rae rural municipality1 615
Saku rural municipality1 150
Saue rural municipality3 998
Viimsi rural municipality0
Hiiu county1 620
Hiiumaa rural municipality1 620
Ida-Viru county12 035
Alutaguse rural municipality2 700
Jõhvi rural municipality232
Kohtla-Järve city0
Lüganuse rural municipality5 880
Narva city0
Narva-Jõesuu city239
Sillamäe city0
Toila rural municipality2 984
Jõgeva county31 687
Jõgeva rural municipality18 087
Mustvee rural municipality2 076
Põltsamaa rural municipality11 525
Järva county33 413
Järva rural municipality20 048
Paide city3 626
Türi rural municipality9 739
Lääne county10 645
Haapsalu city1 963
Lääne-Nigula rural municipality8 682
Vormsi rural municipality0
Lääne-Viru county48 529
Haljala rural municipality5 066
Kadrina rural municipality5 921
Rakvere city
Rakvere rural municipality6 269
Tapa rural municipality7 102
Vinni rural municipality10 368
Viru-Nigula rural municipality
Väike-Maarja rural municipality12 155
Põlva county21 486
Kanepi rural municipality6 494
Põlva rural municipality8 538
Räpina rural municipality6 454
Pärnu county30 305
Häädemeeste rural municipality3 520
Kihnu rural municipality13
Lääneranna rural municipality6 044
Põhja-Pärnumaa rural municipality7 868
Pärnu city5 262
Saarde rural municipality2 178
Tori rural municipality5 419
Rapla county23 940
Kehtna rural municipality3 352
Kohila rural municipality1 150
Märjamaa rural municipality10 269
Rapla rural municipality9 169
Saare county9 023
Muhu rural municipality
Ruhnu rural municipality
Saaremaa rural municipality9 018
Tartu county49 323
Elva rural municipality13 038
Kambja rural municipality3 157
Kastre rural municipality8 309
Luunja rural municipality2 787
Nõo rural municipality3 250
Peipsiääre rural municipality6 254
Tartu city3 676
Tartu rural municipality8 852
Valga county14 421
Otepää rural municipality4 043
Tõrva rural municipality5 736
Valga rural municipality4 642
Viljandi county38 293
Mulgi rural municipality8 038
Põhja-Sakala rural municipality
Viljandi city
Viljandi rural municipality19 404
Võru county23 762
Antsla rural municipality6 078
Röuge rural municipality4 972
Setomaa rural municipality3 833
Võru city22
Võru rural municipality8 858
Sown area of rape and turnip rapeEstonia70 913
Harju county4 370
Anija rural municipality919
Harku rural municipality
Jõelähtme rural municipality469
Keila city
Kiili rural municipality0
Kose rural municipality588
Kuusalu rural municipality191
Loksa city0
Lääne-Harju rural municipality239
Maardu city0
Raasiku rural municipality470
Rae rural municipality494
Saku rural municipality357
Saue rural municipality519
Viimsi rural municipality0
Hiiu county345
Hiiumaa rural municipality345
Ida-Viru county1 819
Alutaguse rural municipality484
Jõhvi rural municipality50
Kohtla-Järve city0
Lüganuse rural municipality924
Narva city
Narva-Jõesuu city
Sillamäe city0
Toila rural municipality333
Jõgeva county7 777
Jõgeva rural municipality4 428
Mustvee rural municipality308
Põltsamaa rural municipality3 042
Järva county6 848
Järva rural municipality4 695
Paide city888
Türi rural municipality1 266
Lääne county2 280
Haapsalu city310
Lääne-Nigula rural municipality1 970
Vormsi rural municipality0
Lääne-Viru county12 689
Haljala rural municipality1 584
Kadrina rural municipality1 790
Rakvere city0
Rakvere rural municipality1 931
Tapa rural municipality1 508
Vinni rural municipality2 557
Viru-Nigula rural municipality506
Väike-Maarja rural municipality2 814
Põlva county4 238
Kanepi rural municipality1 334
Põlva rural municipality1 454
Räpina rural municipality1 450
Pärnu county3 123
Häädemeeste rural municipality265
Kihnu rural municipality0
Lääneranna rural municipality705
Põhja-Pärnumaa rural municipality927
Pärnu city717
Saarde rural municipality56
Tori rural municipality453
Rapla county4 553
Kehtna rural municipality554
Kohila rural municipality307
Märjamaa rural municipality2 381
Rapla rural municipality1 311
Saare county1 109
Muhu rural municipality0
Ruhnu rural municipality0
Saaremaa rural municipality1 109
Tartu county9 037
Elva rural municipality2 494
Kambja rural municipality318
Kastre rural municipality1 761
Luunja rural municipality234
Nõo rural municipality832
Peipsiääre rural municipality751
Tartu city892
Tartu rural municipality1 756
Valga county2 467
Otepää rural municipality667
Tõrva rural municipality1 248
Valga rural municipality552
Viljandi county7 359
Mulgi rural municipality1 159
Põhja-Sakala rural municipality1 717
Viljandi city424
Viljandi rural municipality4 058
Võru county2 898
Antsla rural municipality511
Röuge rural municipality462
Setomaa rural municipality547
Võru city0
Võru rural municipality1 378
Permanent grasslandEstonia277 657
Harju county29 217
Anija rural municipality2 275
Harku rural municipality1 926
Jõelähtme rural municipality782
Keila city40
Kiili rural municipality1 219
Kose rural municipality1 951
Kuusalu rural municipality3 175
Loksa city0
Lääne-Harju rural municipality4 098
Maardu city0
Raasiku rural municipality1 070
Rae rural municipality2 699
Saku rural municipality1 936
Saue rural municipality6 735
Tallinn1 203
Viimsi rural municipality106
Hiiu county11 835
Hiiumaa rural municipality11 835
Ida-Viru county7 193
Alutaguse rural municipality2 692
Jõhvi rural municipality620
Kohtla-Järve city
Lüganuse rural municipality2 139
Narva city
Narva-Jõesuu city472
Sillamäe city0
Toila rural municipality1 200
Jõgeva county10 498
Jõgeva rural municipality4 836
Mustvee rural municipality1 746
Põltsamaa rural municipality3 916
Järva county12 705
Järva rural municipality5 637
Paide city3 114
Türi rural municipality3 954
Lääne county17 280
Haapsalu city2 860
Lääne-Nigula rural municipality12 861
Vormsi rural municipality1 559
Lääne-Viru county19 300
Haljala rural municipality4 075
Kadrina rural municipality2 035
Rakvere city16
Rakvere rural municipality2 525
Tapa rural municipality1 810
Vinni rural municipality4 400
Viru-Nigula rural municipality2 425
Väike-Maarja rural municipality2 014
Põlva county5 853
Kanepi rural municipality2 237
Põlva rural municipality2 054
Räpina rural municipality1 561
Pärnu county40 009
Häädemeeste rural municipality3 194
Kihnu rural municipality362
Lääneranna rural municipality16 432
Põhja-Pärnumaa rural municipality7 576
Pärnu city5 621
Saarde rural municipality2 335
Tori rural municipality4 491
Rapla county19 522
Kehtna rural municipality3 895
Kohila rural municipality1 363
Märjamaa rural municipality7 812
Rapla rural municipality6 451
Saare county41 539
Muhu rural municipality4 547
Ruhnu rural municipality185
Saaremaa rural municipality36 807
Tartu county15 070
Elva rural municipality4 534
Kambja rural municipality1 570
Kastre rural municipality1 120
Luunja rural municipality402
Nõo rural municipality614
Peipsiääre rural municipality2 125
Tartu city1 376
Tartu rural municipality3 328
Valga county14 439
Otepää rural municipality5 685
Tõrva rural municipality2 690
Valga rural municipality6 063
Viljandi county16 175
Mulgi rural municipality3 787
Põhja-Sakala rural municipality5 280
Viljandi city119
Viljandi rural municipality6 988
Võru county17 023
Antsla rural municipality4 615
Röuge rural municipality6 043
Setomaa rural municipality1 185
Võru city136
Võru rural municipality5 044
Other utilised agricultural areaEstonia4 807
Harju county257
Anija rural municipality12
Harku rural municipality29
Jõelähtme rural municipality3
Keila city0
Kiili rural municipality4
Kose rural municipality20
Kuusalu rural municipality17
Loksa city0
Lääne-Harju rural municipality26
Maardu city0
Raasiku rural municipality4
Rae rural municipality5
Saku rural municipality5
Saue rural municipality25
Viimsi rural municipality1
Hiiu county
Hiiumaa rural municipality
Ida-Viru county
Alutaguse rural municipality24
Jõhvi rural municipality3
Kohtla-Järve city
Lüganuse rural municipality17
Narva city
Narva-Jõesuu city3
Sillamäe city0
Toila rural municipality4
Jõgeva county161
Jõgeva rural municipality77
Mustvee rural municipality41
Põltsamaa rural municipality43
Järva county144
Järva rural municipality59
Paide city46
Türi rural municipality39
Lääne county81
Haapsalu city31
Lääne-Nigula rural municipality48
Vormsi rural municipality2
Lääne-Viru county95
Haljala rural municipality3
Kadrina rural municipality15
Rakvere city
Rakvere rural municipality30
Tapa rural municipality24
Vinni rural municipality9
Viru-Nigula rural municipality
Väike-Maarja rural municipality11
Põlva county167
Kanepi rural municipality36
Põlva rural municipality74
Räpina rural municipality58
Pärnu county442
Häädemeeste rural municipality77
Kihnu rural municipality5
Lääneranna rural municipality54
Põhja-Pärnumaa rural municipality42
Pärnu city96
Saarde rural municipality18
Tori rural municipality148
Rapla county173
Kehtna rural municipality7
Kohila rural municipality51
Märjamaa rural municipality78
Rapla rural municipality37
Saare county174
Muhu rural municipality
Ruhnu rural municipality
Saaremaa rural municipality163
Tartu county598
Elva rural municipality145
Kambja rural municipality129
Kastre rural municipality36
Luunja rural municipality14
Nõo rural municipality26
Peipsiääre rural municipality44
Tartu city26
Tartu rural municipality178
Valga county705
Otepää rural municipality49
Tõrva rural municipality
Valga rural municipality
Viljandi county528
Mulgi rural municipality325
Põhja-Sakala rural municipality75
Viljandi city2
Viljandi rural municipality126
Võru county554
Antsla rural municipality42
Röuge rural municipality56
Setomaa rural municipality42
Võru city2
Võru rural municipality412
q– missing value, suppressed
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