IndicatorCountyKind of labour force
Number of agricultural holdingsWhole countryLabour force total68 917
Family labour force67 984
Regular employees1 932
Non-regular employees3 769
Harju countyLabour force total5 518
Family labour force5 407
Regular employees212
Non-regular employees208
Hiiu countyLabour force total1 517
Family labour force1 508
Regular employees30
Non-regular employees133
Ida-Viru countyLabour force total2 616
Family labour force2 584
Regular employees63
Non-regular employees109
Jõgeva countyLabour force total5 005
Family labour force4 937
Regular employees100
Non-regular employees538
Järva countyLabour force total3 410
Family labour force3 355
Regular employees110
Non-regular employees117
Lääne countyLabour force total3 199
Family labour force3 155
Regular employees96
Non-regular employees148
Lääne-Viru countyLabour force total5 227
Family labour force5 112
Regular employees222
Non-regular employees263
Põlva countyLabour force total5 360
Family labour force5 316
Regular employees134
Non-regular employees255
Pärnu countyLabour force total6 168
Family labour force6 096
Regular employees184
Non-regular employees261
Rapla countyLabour force total4 186
Family labour force4 121
Regular employees138
Non-regular employees188
Saare countyLabour force total5 270
Family labour force5 226
Regular employees84
Non-regular employees169
Tartu countyLabour force total6 649
Family labour force6 551
Regular employees187
Non-regular employees412
Valga countyLabour force total3 446
Family labour force3 406
Regular employees72
Non-regular employees83
Viljandi countyLabour force total5 553
Family labour force5 466
Regular employees173
Non-regular employees330
Võru countyLabour force total5 793
Family labour force5 744
Regular employees127
Non-regular employees555
Number of personsWhole countryLabour force total164 366
Family labour force133 278
Regular employees17 741
Non-regular employees13 347
Harju countyLabour force total13 849
Family labour force10 533
Regular employees2 450
Non-regular employees866
Hiiu countyLabour force total3 710
Family labour force3 165
Regular employees120
Non-regular employees425
Ida-Viru countyLabour force total6 049
Family labour force5 039
Regular employees707
Non-regular employees303
Jõgeva countyLabour force total12 543
Family labour force9 443
Regular employees1 660
Non-regular employees1 440
Järva countyLabour force total9 311
Family labour force6 453
Regular employees2 147
Non-regular employees711
Lääne countyLabour force total7 011
Family labour force6 050
Regular employees533
Non-regular employees428
Lääne-Viru countyLabour force total12 233
Family labour force9 331
Regular employees1 928
Non-regular employees974
Põlva countyLabour force total12 670
Family labour force10 659
Regular employees953
Non-regular employees1 058
Pärnu countyLabour force total15 163
Family labour force11 869
Regular employees1 541
Non-regular employees1 753
Rapla countyLabour force total9 366
Family labour force7 718
Regular employees1 110
Non-regular employees538
Saare countyLabour force total11 226
Family labour force10 196
Regular employees643
Non-regular employees387
Tartu countyLabour force total16 591
Family labour force13 607
Regular employees1 389
Non-regular employees1 595
Valga countyLabour force total7 275
Family labour force6 493
Regular employees397
Non-regular employees385
Viljandi countyLabour force total13 507
Family labour force10 780
Regular employees1 617
Non-regular employees1 110
Võru countyLabour force total13 862
Family labour force11 942
Regular employees546
Non-regular employees1 374
Working time, annual work unit (AWU)Whole countryLabour force total65 233
Family labour force48 376
Regular employees15 561
Non-regular employees1 296
Harju countyLabour force total5 687
Family labour force3 301
Regular employees2 238
Non-regular employees148
Hiiu countyLabour force total1 076
Family labour force955
Regular employees91
Non-regular employees31
Ida-Viru countyLabour force total2 713
Family labour force2 145
Regular employees513
Non-regular employees55
Jõgeva countyLabour force total5 291
Family labour force3 650
Regular employees1 510
Non-regular employees131
Järva countyLabour force total4 398
Family labour force2 307
Regular employees2 016
Non-regular employees74
Lääne countyLabour force total2 432
Family labour force2 011
Regular employees386
Non-regular employees35
Lääne-Viru countyLabour force total5 164
Family labour force3 274
Regular employees1 771
Non-regular employees118
Põlva countyLabour force total4 386
Family labour force3 523
Regular employees755
Non-regular employees107
Pärnu countyLabour force total5 991
Family labour force4 549
Regular employees1 332
Non-regular employees110
Rapla countyLabour force total3 836
Family labour force2 767
Regular employees1 015
Non-regular employees54
Saare countyLabour force total3 948
Family labour force3 353
Regular employees558
Non-regular employees37
Tartu countyLabour force total6 445
Family labour force5 053
Regular employees1 240
Non-regular employees152
Valga countyLabour force total2 865
Family labour force2 461
Regular employees343
Non-regular employees61
Viljandi countyLabour force total5 775
Family labour force4 287
Regular employees1 358
Non-regular employees129
Võru countyLabour force total5 226
Family labour force4 738
Regular employees434
Non-regular employees55
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