IndicatorLegal form of holderType of building
Number of holdingsTotalCattle shed for young and fattening cattle1 015
Cattle shed2 367
Cattle shed of combined use2 910
Pigsty for fattening pigs723
Farrow and sows' pigsty203
Pigsty of combined use775
Shed for sheep and goats1 121
Poultry farm1 005
Natural personCattle shed for young and fattening cattle758
Cattle shed2 079
Cattle shed of combined use2 800
Pigsty for fattening pigs601
Farrow and sows' pigsty105
Pigsty of combined use710
Shed for sheep and goats1 113
Poultry farm987
Legal personCattle shed for young and fattening cattle257
Cattle shed288
Cattle shed of combined use110
Pigsty for fattening pigs122
Farrow and sows' pigsty98
Pigsty of combined use65
Shed for sheep and goats8
Poultry farm18
Places for animalsTotalCattle shed for young and fattening cattle143 530
Cattle shed159 797
Cattle shed of combined use76 323
Pigsty for fattening pigs219 449
Farrow and sows' pigsty84 732
Pigsty of combined use180 515
Shed for sheep and goats23 104
Stable5 610
Poultry farm3 899 160
Natural personCattle shed for young and fattening cattle31 776
Cattle shed49 146
Cattle shed of combined use45 865
Pigsty for fattening pigs45 711
Farrow and sows' pigsty11 661
Pigsty of combined use46 829
Shed for sheep and goats22 089
Stable4 518
Poultry farm213 660
Legal personCattle shed for young and fattening cattle111 754
Cattle shed110 651
Cattle shed of combined use30 458
Pigsty for fattening pigs173 738
Farrow and sows' pigsty73 071
Pigsty of combined use133 686
Shed for sheep and goats1 015
Stable1 092
Poultry farm3 685 500
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