PLK14: Agricultural holdings engaged in fishery using in the last 12 months boats, small craft and fishing equipment of others by legal form of holder and boats and fishing equipment, 15 july 2001

Legal form of holderBoats and fishing equipment
TotalRowing boats95
Motor boats88
Wooden small trawl boats8
Small craft of trawling3
Fish hooks8
Spike nets15
Pit falls18
Filter nets6
Trawl nets1
Natural personRowing boats94
Motor boats86
Wooden small trawl boats7
Small craft of trawling3
Fish hooks8
Spike nets14
Pit falls17
Filter nets5
Trawl nets1
Legal personRowing boats1
Motor boats2
Wooden small trawl boats1
Small craft of trawling0
Fish hooks0
Spike nets1
Pit falls1
Filter nets1
Trawl nets0
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