Reference period200020042008
Economic activity (EMTAK 2003)IndicatorStratum
Economic activities totalPopulation sizeTotal survey3 2792 9712 210
Sample survey47 09466 98694 470
Sample sizeTotal survey3 2792 9712 210
Sample survey4 8976 3369 964
Number of respondentsTotal survey2 9742 8092 142
Sample survey2 6894 3747 679
Response rate, %Total survey919597
Sample survey556977
Agriculture, hunting and related service activitiesPopulation sizeTotal survey926945
Sample survey1 0001 0291 456
Sample sizeTotal survey926945
Sample survey106106132
Number of respondentsTotal survey886844
Sample survey517595
Response rate, %Total survey969998
Sample survey487172
Forestry, logging and related service activitiesPopulation sizeTotal survey118733
Sample survey6919881 082
Sample sizeTotal survey118733
Sample survey7495103
Number of respondentsTotal survey112733
Sample survey396879
Response rate, %Total survey95100100
Sample survey537277
Fishing, fish farming and related service activitiesPopulation sizeTotal survey973
Sample survey8699311 042
Sample sizeTotal survey973
Sample survey858788
Number of respondentsTotal survey873
Sample survey727382
Response rate, %Total survey89100100
Sample survey858493
Mining of coal and lignite; extraction of peatPopulation sizeTotal survey4576
Sample survey13534
Sample sizeTotal survey4576
Sample survey13534
Number of respondentsTotal survey4176
Sample survey02830
Response rate, %Total survey91100100
Sample survey08088
Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gasPopulation sizeTotal survey..11
Sample survey....3
Sample sizeTotal survey..11
Sample survey....3
Number of respondentsTotal survey..11
Sample survey....3
Response rate, %Total survey..100100
Sample survey....100
Other mining and quarryingPopulation sizeTotal survey2344
Sample survey..2955
Sample sizeTotal survey2344
Sample survey..2942
Number of respondentsTotal survey2044
Sample survey..2341
Response rate, %Total survey87100100
Sample survey..7998
Manufacture of food production and beveragesPopulation sizeTotal survey978273
Sample survey476430394
Sample sizeTotal survey978273
Sample survey5260186
Number of respondentsTotal survey877570
Sample survey3145145
Response rate, %Total survey909296
Sample survey607578
Manufacture of textilesPopulation sizeTotal survey233029
Sample survey176189263
Sample sizeTotal survey233029
Sample survey606060
Number of respondentsTotal survey223027
Sample survey393949
Response rate, %Total survey9610093
Sample survey656582
Manufacture of wearing apparel; dressing and dyeing of furPopulation sizeTotal survey615747
Sample survey395414426
Sample sizeTotal survey615747
Sample survey606060
Number of respondentsTotal survey575545
Sample survey293643
Response rate, %Total survey939796
Sample survey486072
Manufacture of leather products and footwearPopulation sizeTotal survey151311
Sample survey535962
Sample sizeTotal survey151311
Sample survey535249
Number of respondentsTotal survey131311
Sample survey383636
Response rate, %Total survey87100100
Sample survey726974
Manufacture of wood and wood products and plaitsPopulation sizeTotal survey647575
Sample survey7851 0691 218
Sample sizeTotal survey647575
Sample survey728396
Number of respondentsTotal survey546972
Sample survey415667
Response rate, %Total survey849296
Sample survey576870
Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper productsPopulation sizeTotal survey558
Sample survey344764
Sample sizeTotal survey558
Sample survey344747
Number of respondentsTotal survey438
Sample survey203031
Response rate, %Total survey8060100
Sample survey596466
Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded mediaPopulation sizeTotal survey283033
Sample survey418476651
Sample sizeTotal survey283033
Sample survey637295
Number of respondentsTotal survey272832
Sample survey355472
Response rate, %Total survey969397
Sample survey567576
Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products, nuclear fuelPopulation sizeTotal survey224
Sample survey649
Sample sizeTotal survey224
Sample survey649
Number of respondentsTotal survey224
Sample survey527
Response rate, %Total survey100100100
Sample survey835078
Manufacture of chemicals and chemical productsPopulation sizeTotal survey171414
Sample survey779693
Sample sizeTotal survey171414
Sample survey455693
Number of respondentsTotal survey151214
Sample survey193966
Response rate, %Total survey8886100
Sample survey427071
Manufacture of rubber and plastic productsPopulation sizeTotal survey91725
Sample survey129156198
Sample sizeTotal survey91725
Sample survey606060
Number of respondentsTotal survey91525
Sample survey293943
Response rate, %Total survey10088100
Sample survey486572
Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral productsPopulation sizeTotal survey242229
Sample survey151162235
Sample sizeTotal survey242229
Sample survey606060
Number of respondentsTotal survey222229
Sample survey424851
Response rate, %Total survey92100100
Sample survey708085
Manufacture of basic metalsPopulation sizeTotal survey234
Sample survey10913
Sample sizeTotal survey234
Sample survey10913
Number of respondentsTotal survey234
Sample survey659
Response rate, %Total survey100100100
Sample survey605669
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machineryPopulation sizeTotal survey355049
Sample survey4796641 000
Sample sizeTotal survey355049
Sample survey606382
Number of respondentsTotal survey334747
Sample survey374261
Response rate, %Total survey949496
Sample survey626774
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.Population sizeTotal survey312935
Sample survey189228308
Sample sizeTotal survey312935
Sample survey616060
Number of respondentsTotal survey292734
Sample survey424952
Response rate, %Total survey949397
Sample survey698287
Manufacture of office machinery and computersPopulation sizeTotal survey..12
Sample survey232225
Sample sizeTotal survey..12
Sample survey232225
Number of respondentsTotal survey..12
Sample survey6916
Response rate, %Total survey..100100
Sample survey264164
Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c.Population sizeTotal survey121923
Sample survey6171110
Sample sizeTotal survey121923
Sample survey484758
Number of respondentsTotal survey111923
Sample survey283444
Response rate, %Total survey92100100
Sample survey587276
Manufacture of radio, television and communication equipmentPopulation sizeTotal survey71313
Sample survey777673
Sample sizeTotal survey71313
Sample survey474344
Number of respondentsTotal survey71112
Sample survey252433
Response rate, %Total survey1008592
Sample survey535675
Manufacture of medical and optical instruments and watchesPopulation sizeTotal survey91012
Sample survey78114155
Sample sizeTotal survey91012
Sample survey434949
Number of respondentsTotal survey91012
Sample survey333339
Response rate, %Total survey100100100
Sample survey776780
Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailersPopulation sizeTotal survey489
Sample survey222639
Sample sizeTotal survey489
Sample survey222639
Number of respondentsTotal survey389
Sample survey121727
Response rate, %Total survey75100100
Sample survey556569
Manufacture of other transport equipmentPopulation sizeTotal survey91413
Sample survey7183151
Sample sizeTotal survey91413
Sample survey485371
Number of respondentsTotal survey91412
Sample survey273549
Response rate, %Total survey10010092
Sample survey566669
Manufacture of furniture; manufacturing n.e.c.Population sizeTotal survey556460
Sample survey425510759
Sample sizeTotal survey556460
Sample survey6060184
Number of respondentsTotal survey525953
Sample survey3745134
Response rate, %Total survey959288
Sample survey627573
RecyclingPopulation sizeTotal survey123
Sample survey202133
Sample sizeTotal survey123
Sample survey202133
Number of respondentsTotal survey112
Sample survey71027
Response rate, %Total survey1005067
Sample survey354882
Electricity, gas, steam and hot water supplyPopulation sizeTotal survey211721
Sample survey219178181
Sample sizeTotal survey211721
Sample survey626162
Number of respondentsTotal survey211621
Sample survey454857
Response rate, %Total survey10094100
Sample survey737992
Collection, purification and distribution of waterPopulation sizeTotal survey776
Sample survey507487
Sample sizeTotal survey776
Sample survey506273
Number of respondentsTotal survey776
Sample survey395168
Response rate, %Total survey100100100
Sample survey788293
ConstructionPopulation sizeTotal survey158136173
Sample survey2 3502 9197 585
Sample sizeTotal survey158136173
Sample survey169209531
Number of respondentsTotal survey140132166
Sample survey95142378
Response rate, %Total survey899796
Sample survey566871
Sale, repair of motor vehicles; retail sale of automotive fuelPopulation sizeTotal survey232739
Sample survey1 4711 7132 251
Sample sizeTotal survey232739
Sample survey115132171
Number of respondentsTotal survey192538
Sample survey6197132
Response rate, %Total survey839397
Sample survey537477
Wholesale trade and commission tradePopulation sizeTotal survey756276
Sample survey6 2118 9939 773
Sample sizeTotal survey756276
Sample survey435630502
Number of respondentsTotal survey555971
Sample survey196385348
Response rate, %Total survey739593
Sample survey456169
Retail trade, excl motor vehicles; repair of household goodsPopulation sizeTotal survey99113117
Sample survey5 9125 2365 000
Sample sizeTotal survey99113117
Sample survey415368263
Number of respondentsTotal survey91101115
Sample survey180259184
Response rate, %Total survey928998
Sample survey437070
Hotels and restaurantsPopulation sizeTotal survey383072
Sample survey1 4651 9032 210
Sample sizeTotal survey383072
Sample survey113142236
Number of respondentsTotal survey312768
Sample survey6288174
Response rate, %Total survey829094
Sample survey556274
Land transport; transport via pipelinesPopulation sizeTotal survey606257
Sample survey1 4924 5095 537
Sample sizeTotal survey606257
Sample survey119327292
Number of respondentsTotal survey555554
Sample survey49273247
Response rate, %Total survey928995
Sample survey418485
Water transportPopulation sizeTotal survey866
Sample survey161315
Sample sizeTotal survey866
Sample survey161315
Number of respondentsTotal survey866
Sample survey7811
Response rate, %Total survey100100100
Sample survey446273
Air transportPopulation sizeTotal survey324
Sample survey486
Sample sizeTotal survey324
Sample survey486
Number of respondentsTotal survey324
Sample survey256
Response rate, %Total survey100100100
Sample survey5063100
Supporting transport activities; travel agenciesPopulation sizeTotal survey444556
Sample survey8539731 418
Sample sizeTotal survey444556
Sample survey8698271
Number of respondentsTotal survey404254
Sample survey4473212
Response rate, %Total survey919396
Sample survey517578
Post and telecommunicationsPopulation sizeTotal survey372314
Sample survey92126196
Sample sizeTotal survey372314
Sample survey4849104
Number of respondentsTotal survey342114
Sample survey242671
Response rate, %Total survey9291100
Sample survey505368
Financial intermediationPopulation sizeTotal survey10911
Sample survey317406581
Sample sizeTotal survey10911
Sample survey584060
Number of respondentsTotal survey10911
Sample survey423248
Response rate, %Total survey100100100
Sample survey728080
Insurance and pension fundingPopulation sizeTotal survey7910
Sample survey2149
Sample sizeTotal survey7910
Sample survey2149
Number of respondentsTotal survey7910
Sample survey828
Response rate, %Total survey100100100
Sample survey385089
Activities auxiliary to financial intermediationPopulation sizeTotal survey464
Sample survey139128224
Sample sizeTotal survey464
Sample survey495262
Number of respondentsTotal survey354
Sample survey232751
Response rate, %Total survey7583100
Sample survey475282
Real estate activitiesPopulation sizeTotal survey603820
Sample survey8 08312 98917 580
Sample sizeTotal survey603820
Sample survey596947867
Number of respondentsTotal survey553220
Sample survey387682672
Response rate, %Total survey9284100
Sample survey657278
Renting of machinery and equipment without operatorPopulation sizeTotal survey234
Sample survey198390795
Sample sizeTotal survey234
Sample survey535980
Number of respondentsTotal survey234
Sample survey304159
Response rate, %Total survey100100100
Sample survey577074
Computer and related activitiesPopulation sizeTotal survey131821
Sample survey4609291 624
Sample sizeTotal survey131821
Sample survey60101236
Number of respondentsTotal survey121720
Sample survey3071184
Response rate, %Total survey929495
Sample survey507078
Research and developmentPopulation sizeTotal survey352812
Sample survey4762160
Sample sizeTotal survey352812
Sample survey475588
Number of respondentsTotal survey352712
Sample survey232867
Response rate, %Total survey10096100
Sample survey495176
Other business activitiesPopulation sizeTotal survey8176111
Sample survey3 8485 31310 255
Sample sizeTotal survey8176111
Sample survey3043971 615
Number of respondentsTotal survey6873103
Sample survey1602821 231
Response rate, %Total survey849693
Sample survey537176
Public administration and defence; compulsory social securityPopulation sizeTotal survey674572136
Sample survey1911368
Sample sizeTotal survey674572136
Sample survey191195
Number of respondentsTotal survey664553135
Sample survey10884
Response rate, %Total survey999799
Sample survey537388
EducationPopulation sizeTotal survey594554418
Sample survey5536391 884
Sample sizeTotal survey594554418
Sample survey106116169
Number of respondentsTotal survey499524414
Sample survey5374146
Response rate, %Total survey849599
Sample survey506486
Health and social workPopulation sizeTotal survey22318594
Sample survey6841 2621 862
Sample sizeTotal survey22318594
Sample survey111141585
Number of respondentsTotal survey20917694
Sample survey69102522
Response rate, %Total survey9495100
Sample survey627289
Sewage and refuse disposal sanitation and similar activitiesPopulation sizeTotal survey141410
Sample survey109127139
Sample sizeTotal survey141410
Sample survey6064139
Number of respondentsTotal survey14109
Sample survey3946108
Response rate, %Total survey1007190
Sample survey657278
Activities of membership organizations n.e.c.Population sizeTotal survey61112
Sample survey2 9755 9758 055
Sample sizeTotal survey61112
Sample survey232433414
Number of respondentsTotal survey61011
Sample survey127260281
Response rate, %Total survey1009192
Sample survey556068
Recreational, cultural and sporting activitiesPopulation sizeTotal survey18219166
Sample survey2 2133 4825 649
Sample sizeTotal survey18219166
Sample survey2062941 035
Number of respondentsTotal survey14617863
Sample survey98209820
Response rate, %Total survey809396
Sample survey487179
Other service activitiesPopulation sizeTotal survey467
Sample survey5726851 075
Sample sizeTotal survey467
Sample survey65103109
Number of respondentsTotal survey367
Sample survey336079
Response rate, %Total survey75100100
Sample survey515873
Activities of households as employers of domestic staffPopulation size5....
Sample size5....
Number of respondents3....
Response rate, %60....
Extra-territorial organizations and bodiesPopulation size..1..
Sample size..1..
Number of respondents..1..
Response rate, %..100..
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