Economic activity
Reference period20122016
Wages and salariesPercentage73.2673.72
Direct remuneration and bonusesPercentage65.9667.29
Direct remuneration, bonuses and allowances paid in each pay periodPercentage63.0864.56
Direct remuneration, bonuses and allowances not paid in each pay periodPercentage2.892.73
Payments to employees' savings schemesPercentage
Payments for days not workedPercentage6.636.11
Wages and salaries in kindPercentage0.670.32
Employers' social contributionsPercentage25.8125.58
Social security contributionsPercentage25.2125.01
Statutory social security contributionsPercentage25.1924.98
Collectively agreed and voluntary social security contributionsPercentage0.010.02
Imputed social contributionsPercentage0.60.58
Guaranteed remuneration in the event of sicknessPercentage0.180.23
Remuneration in the event of short-time workingPercentage0.010.02
Payments to employees leaving the enterprisePercentage0.310.29
Employers' imputed social contributions for pensions and health carePercentage0.10.04
Vocational training costsPercentage0.580.45
Recruitment costs, expenditures on working clothesPercentage0.360.26
Recruitment costsPercentage0.060.07
Expenditures on working clothes and uniformsPercentage0.290.19
o– missing value
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