Reference period2005200620072008
Submajor group of occupationSexIndicator
TotalMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings531.23633.90773.04857.69
Median of gross monthly earnings428.21517.68643.02734.98
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings611.95735.73898.88979.80
Median of gross monthly earnings484.64613.55779.08845.23
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings450.32531.19640.97728.91
Median of gross monthly earnings383.47451.15557.37636.11
11 Legislators and senior officialsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings1 038.441 117.951 219.971 483.63
Median of gross monthly earnings894.76978.931 086.501 296.45
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings1 181.471 295.251 363.531 634.59
Median of gross monthly earnings1 010.121 121.911 182.371 423.63
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings845.55909.121 047.381 296.65
Median of gross monthly earnings766.94805.29958.671 164.79
12 Corporate managersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings1 034.861 192.891 443.171 669.27
Median of gross monthly earnings849.71990.311 209.851 402.80
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings1 131.301 314.481 586.131 839.65
Median of gross monthly earnings945.891 086.501 288.011 533.88
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings867.09980.071 184.461 358.05
Median of gross monthly earnings754.86851.811 022.591 173.74
13 Managers of small enterprisesMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings620.58744.25890.04937.67
Median of gross monthly earnings438.75542.87645.51760.55
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings655.80778.79922.80953.82
Median of gross monthly earnings447.38569.45703.03766.94
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings524.08644.47787.60889.85
Median of gross monthly earnings398.11507.97635.98689.86
21 Physical, mathematical and engineering science professionalsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings804.58982.481 142.041 292.28
Median of gross monthly earnings686.22862.811 002.451 198.66
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings861.211 065.881 235.381 375.13
Median of gross monthly earnings765.79929.591 086.501 278.23
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings667.94764.48860.811 044.90
Median of gross monthly earnings573.42703.03798.83958.67
22 Life science and health professionalsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings816.85983.381 128.271 294.46
Median of gross monthly earnings715.81820.95958.671 132.26
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings1 017.791 176.201 522.711 531.18
Median of gross monthly earnings814.81933.111 400.751 322.97
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings755.12926.251 036.581 239.07
Median of gross monthly earnings708.65796.02903.581 100.37
23 Teaching professionalsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings572.07627.16734.50868.60
Median of gross monthly earnings527.27576.29663.08798.90
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings741.12850.65988.071 109.10
Median of gross monthly earnings584.09697.72803.69933.11
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings534.24584.93684.02825.60
Median of gross monthly earnings517.62562.17645.96779.79
24 Other professionalsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings761.89892.06986.791 148.57
Median of gross monthly earnings613.55741.44855.841 022.59
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings923.201 040.531 107.101 299.87
Median of gross monthly earnings750.96873.99958.671 150.41
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings695.23826.21935.991 086.12
Median of gross monthly earnings575.20691.27817.43958.67
31 Physical and engineering science associate professionalsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings739.07788.10921.56988.99
Median of gross monthly earnings576.48696.64830.85903.77
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings816.66856.23984.861 047.41
Median of gross monthly earnings639.12766.94894.76958.67
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings493.53573.40695.76756.89
Median of gross monthly earnings455.69524.08639.76732.43
32 Life science and health associate professionalsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings467.45540.13709.68845.60
Median of gross monthly earnings446.61511.29693.63793.78
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings530.08653.15767.791 015.55
Median of gross monthly earnings541.01639.12725.781 004.05
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings461.70528.56703.48823.78
Median of gross monthly earnings442.84497.10687.18789.76
33 Teaching associate professionalsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings349.92401.95482.17593.06
Median of gross monthly earnings332.34377.08440.61547.40
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings439.01541.04694.85786.48
Median of gross monthly earnings401.37462.78575.20730.83
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings338.35380.60447.09554.92
Median of gross monthly earnings328.19371.33428.21537.88
34 Other associate professionalsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings577.25669.88800.39873.90
Median of gross monthly earnings498.51585.37723.35811.68
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings692.61789.12936.061 015.19
Median of gross monthly earnings575.20671.07883.58958.99
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings522.61612.43733.78802.31
Median of gross monthly earnings475.82557.31671.39766.94
41 Office clerksMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings431.66504.97612.33676.14
Median of gross monthly earnings389.86462.59552.32626.33
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings502.98643.68801.48851.37
Median of gross monthly earnings456.46596.30776.53807.84
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings406.61460.62553.74615.77
Median of gross monthly earnings376.25434.09511.29575.20
42 Customer services clerksMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings444.70506.02629.79659.68
Median of gross monthly earnings409.61477.68607.16637.84
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings521.58637.21751.01768.05
Median of gross monthly earnings444.51639.05750.96763.23
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings433.38492.11618.05646.61
Median of gross monthly earnings402.64465.98592.46622.63
51 Personal and protective services workersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings331.57394.51474.41568.08
Median of gross monthly earnings289.07338.73417.53498.51
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings386.22473.39568.94713.22
Median of gross monthly earnings348.96442.08525.10694.08
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings301.28359.97433.85505.91
Median of gross monthly earnings255.65305.43383.47447.38
52 Models, salespersons and demonstratorsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings333.04392.17482.73527.85
Median of gross monthly earnings285.24351.51460.16511.29
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings446.93522.65622.55616.55
Median of gross monthly earnings409.03468.79575.84602.94
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings310.16365.98451.58508.12
Median of gross monthly earnings274.82342.44445.91503.05
61 Skilled agricultural and fishery workersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings361.61429.18561.84620.73
Median of gross monthly earnings326.72392.55481.70583.51
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings371.07432.77617.28670.18
Median of gross monthly earnings320.26383.47502.09611.63
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings353.56426.66517.14586.30
Median of gross monthly earnings334.51401.37471.92559.87
62 Subsistence agricultural and fishery workersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings
Median of gross monthly earnings
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings
Median of gross monthly earnings
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings
Median of gross monthly earnings
71 Extraction and building trades workersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings528.93637.89843.41861.00
Median of gross monthly earnings415.43542.93728.27771.35
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings536.86649.55856.79871.32
Median of gross monthly earnings419.32555.14742.85775.50
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings399.26461.60623.61653.75
Median of gross monthly earnings319.56383.47511.29566.00
72 Metal, machinery and related trades workersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings514.74658.22820.00882.74
Median of gross monthly earnings457.22592.46753.77824.52
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings522.22668.25830.59887.45
Median of gross monthly earnings465.40604.41766.94829.38
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings379.00453.48586.07693.30
Median of gross monthly earnings346.47406.48529.19626.33
73 Precision, handicraft, craft printing and related trades workersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings479.72524.50650.37655.93
Median of gross monthly earnings402.64429.36551.17566.58
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings632.41633.49778.47783.25
Median of gross monthly earnings602.18552.84676.31712.30
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings327.29418.57568.10574.10
Median of gross monthly earnings286.20398.81504.90534.30
74 Other craft and related trades workersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings383.21487.23596.30638.82
Median of gross monthly earnings346.02448.28554.75597.57
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings437.67554.13676.02712.47
Median of gross monthly earnings404.69522.16639.12683.85
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings347.68442.39535.57590.52
Median of gross monthly earnings325.76413.25516.85572.90
81 Stationary plant and related operatorsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings457.80559.20679.33745.34
Median of gross monthly earnings415.43500.17635.67703.22
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings481.96588.44714.38779.26
Median of gross monthly earnings442.72541.01663.08737.92
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings368.90464.09565.63614.87
Median of gross monthly earnings317.45445.46558.01571.82
82 Machine operators and assemblersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings445.34530.67651.01675.43
Median of gross monthly earnings396.25477.87592.65608.82
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings531.49658.87821.70852.32
Median of gross monthly earnings484.83614.64767.45806.69
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings382.64455.32541.14570.07
Median of gross monthly earnings357.52424.18517.05548.43
83 Drivers and mobile plant operatorsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings465.28587.71742.56790.66
Median of gross monthly earnings416.45546.13698.87754.16
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings467.45589.24743.98792.82
Median of gross monthly earnings417.02547.28698.43755.63
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings414.91539.91690.94707.52
Median of gross monthly earnings406.73532.96710.95681.94
91 Sales and services elementary occupationsMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings229.06259.83323.74380.25
Median of gross monthly earnings204.52233.28287.60345.12
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings248.30285.47353.06418.19
Median of gross monthly earnings215.57254.18309.97380.27
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings221.20250.26312.93366.77
Median of gross monthly earnings199.60226.63281.21336.18
92 Agricultural, fishery and related labourersMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings298.28354.13395.65528.91
Median of gross monthly earnings283.13334.83338.73455.69
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings309.08357.88409.19554.08
Median of gross monthly earnings293.99337.45354.13465.92
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings281.21343.77366.29476.55
Median of gross monthly earnings268.43318.79319.56447.38
93 Labourers in mining, construction, manufacturing and transportMales and femalesAverage gross monthly earnings408.71495.98609.90669.79
Median of gross monthly earnings375.80450.45568.94612.91
MalesAverage gross monthly earnings442.40543.80648.18722.91
Median of gross monthly earnings403.41501.83611.31671.07
FemalesAverage gross monthly earnings339.63405.89537.28567.50
Median of gross monthly earnings322.75393.70516.66534.56
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