Reference period2010
Major group of occupationSexLevel of education
Occupations totalMales and femalesWithout basic education2.81
Basic education3.35
General secondary education3.87
Upper secondary vocational education3.94
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.05
Professional higher education5.45
Academic higher education6.71
Doctor's degree9.90
MalesWithout basic education3.14
Basic education3.80
General secondary education4.56
Upper secondary vocational education4.51
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.77
Professional higher education6.44
Academic higher education7.99
Doctor's degree10.58
FemalesWithout basic education2.30
Basic education2.68
General secondary education3.26
Upper secondary vocational education3.16
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.52
Professional higher education4.79
Academic higher education5.85
Doctor's degree9.07
ManagersMales and femalesWithout basic education
Basic education3.71
General secondary education6.54
Upper secondary vocational education5.16
Post-secondary non-tertiary education5.72
Professional higher education7.05
Academic higher education9.51
Doctor's degree13.61
MalesWithout basic education
Basic education4.03
General secondary education6.84
Upper secondary vocational education5.36
Post-secondary non-tertiary education6.22
Professional higher education7.52
Academic higher education10.36
Doctor's degree13.70
FemalesWithout basic education
General secondary education5.81
Upper secondary vocational education4.58
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.76
Professional higher education6.23
Academic higher education8.17
Doctor's degree13.31
ProfessionalsMales and femalesWithout basic education
General secondary education4.63
Upper secondary vocational education4.18
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.02
Professional higher education6.17
Academic higher education6.69
Doctor's degree9.63
MalesWithout basic education
General secondary education5.51
Upper secondary vocational education5.68
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.83
Professional higher education7.72
Academic higher education7.81
Doctor's degree10.28
FemalesWithout basic education
General secondary education4.26
Upper secondary vocational education3.98
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.91
Professional higher education5.46
Academic higher education6.13
Doctor's degree8.93
Technicians and associate professionalsMales and femalesBasic education4.32
General secondary education5.10
Upper secondary vocational education5.02
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.91
Professional higher education5.22
Academic higher education5.59
MalesBasic education4.80
General secondary education5.70
Upper secondary vocational education5.76
Post-secondary non-tertiary education6.00
Professional higher education6.20
Academic higher education6.79
FemalesBasic education3.42
General secondary education4.55
Upper secondary vocational education4.27
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.39
Professional higher education4.70
Academic higher education4.90
Clerical support workersMales and femalesBasic education3.69
General secondary education3.98
Upper secondary vocational education3.63
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.71
Professional higher education4.35
Academic higher education4.21
MalesBasic education4.22
General secondary education4.76
Upper secondary vocational education4.56
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.59
Professional higher education5.18
Academic higher education4.97
FemalesBasic education3.41
General secondary education3.72
Upper secondary vocational education3.34
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.50
Professional higher education4.09
Academic higher education4.02
Service and sales workersMales and femalesWithout basic education2.59
Basic education2.51
General secondary education2.82
Upper secondary vocational education2.80
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.16
Professional higher education3.42
Academic higher education3.23
MalesBasic education2.66
General secondary education3.17
Upper secondary vocational education3.32
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.04
Professional higher education4.27
Academic higher education3.58
Doctor's degree
FemalesWithout basic education2.34
Basic education2.44
General secondary education2.73
Upper secondary vocational education2.64
Post-secondary non-tertiary education2.85
Professional higher education3.05
Academic higher education3.03
Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workersMales and femalesBasic education3.20
General secondary education3.36
Upper secondary vocational education3.41
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.77
Doctor's degree
MalesBasic education3.11
General secondary education3.39
Upper secondary vocational education3.42
Doctor's degree
FemalesBasic education3.27
General secondary education3.35
Upper secondary vocational education3.39
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.50
Doctor's degree
Craft and related trades workersMales and femalesWithout basic education3.40
Basic education4.05
General secondary education4.16
Upper secondary vocational education4.38
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.11
Professional higher education4.42
Academic higher education4.46
MalesWithout basic education3.34
Basic education4.27
General secondary education4.43
Upper secondary vocational education4.60
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.39
Professional higher education4.61
Academic higher education4.73
FemalesBasic education2.95
General secondary education3.18
Upper secondary vocational education3.01
Post-secondary non-tertiary education2.95
Professional higher education3.33
Academic higher education3.09
Doctor's degree
Plant and machine operators, and assemblersMales and femalesWithout basic education3.58
Basic education3.82
General secondary education3.98
Upper secondary vocational education3.99
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.80
Professional higher education4.44
Academic higher education4.23
Doctor's degree
MalesWithout basic education3.61
Basic education4.07
General secondary education4.36
Upper secondary vocational education4.27
Post-secondary non-tertiary education4.14
Professional higher education4.99
Academic higher education4.84
Doctor's degree
FemalesBasic education3.08
General secondary education3.22
Upper secondary vocational education3.18
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.11
Professional higher education3.24
Academic higher education3.06
Doctor's degree
Elementary occupationsMales and femalesWithout basic education2.29
Basic education2.60
General secondary education2.64
Upper secondary vocational education2.65
Post-secondary non-tertiary education2.61
Professional higher education2.58
Academic higher education2.61
MalesWithout basic education2.62
Basic education2.91
General secondary education3.17
Upper secondary vocational education3.16
Post-secondary non-tertiary education3.02
Professional higher education3.10
Academic higher education3.19
FemalesWithout basic education2.02
Basic education2.33
General secondary education2.32
Upper secondary vocational education2.33
Post-secondary non-tertiary education2.44
Professional higher education2.37
Academic higher education2.24
Armed forces occupationsMales and femalesWithout basic education
Basic education
Post-secondary non-tertiary education
Doctor's degree
mMissing value; data cannot exist
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