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Structure of householdWashing facilities
TotalSeparate or shared bathroom72.872.673.974.876.277.979.382.0
No bath or shower available27.227.426.125.223.822.120.718.0
Single person aged 60 and overSeparate or shared bathroom61.058.261.561.066.169.972.674.4
No bath or shower available39.041.838.539.033.930.127.425.6
Single person aged under 60Separate or shared bathroom73.665.771.073.072.777.377.483.5
No bath or shower available26.434.329.027.027.322.722.616.5
Couple aged 60 and over without childrenSeparate or shared bathroom66.863.966.462.869.972.869.273.5
No bath or shower available33.236.133.637.
Couple without children, at least one partner is aged under 60Separate or shared bathroom75.376.777.482.984.282.783.684.5
No bath or shower available24.723.322.617.115.817.316.415.5
Adult and child(ren)Separate or shared bathroom80.479.880.980.883.082.389.888.6
No bath or shower available19.620.219.119.2........
Couple with one childSeparate or shared bathroom84.686.683.888.
No bath or shower available15.413.416.
Couple with two childrenSeparate or shared bathroom79.882.984.086.686.387.590.790.2
No bath or shower available20.
Couple with three or more childrenSeparate or shared bathroom71.971.368.069.971.868.569.880.1
No bath or shower available28.128.732.0....31.5....
Couple with minor and adult childrenSeparate or shared bathroom78.380.980.075.175.578.682.484.4
No bath or shower available21.719.120.024.924.521.417.615.6
Household consisting of two generationsSeparate or shared bathroom74.378.278.279.979.079.580.282.5
No bath or shower available25.721.821.820.121.020.519.817.5
Other householdSeparate or shared bathroom67.574.173.575.072.973.876.079.0
No bath or shower available32.525.926.525.
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