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Structure of householdUseful floor space per household member
TotalUp to 15 m²17.316.815.415.414.713.212.810.9
15-30 m²45.145.545.844.945.044.944.242.5
More than 30 m²37.637.738.839.740.341.943.046.6
Single person aged 60 and overUp to 15 m²2.02.21.4..........
15-30 m²17.615.316.014.415.513.411.59.2
More than 30 m²80.482.582.683.883.086.287.390.3
Single person aged under 60Up to 15 m²5.66.74.9..........
15-30 m²18.820.818.322.321.322.017.315.5
More than 30 m²75.672.576.872.873.772.075.282.0
Couple aged 60 and over without childrenUp to 15 m²5.75.85.4..........
15-30 m²58.156.454.854.054.952.453.651.9
More than 30 m²36.237.839.842.342.946.144.746.7
Couple without children, at least one partner is aged under 60Up to 15 m²8.78.07.1....7.47.0..
15-30 m²53.450.851.652.448.647.552.548.7
More than 30 m²37.941.241.340.642.945.140.546.1
Adult and child(ren)Up to 15 m²21.619.417.918.2........
15-30 m²61.862.056.759.168.874.161.950.0
More than 30 m²16.618.625.422.7....16.130.5
Couple with one childUp to 15 m²27.529.424.232.823.
15-30 m²64.364.768.357.465.067.666.574.0
More than 30 m²8.
Couple with two childrenUp to 15 m²44.338.539.740.638.435.135.635.4
15-30 m²49.253.654.850.353.757.257.954.2
More than 30 m²6.57.95.5..........
Couple with three or more childrenUp to 15 m²69.165.363.168.268.870.959.757.1
15-30 m²27.431.434.0....26.0..34.4
More than 30 m²3.53.32.9..........
Couple with minor and adult childrenUp to 15 m²48.647.143.944.443.242.436.433.8
15-30 m²47.346.349.048.751.149.352.855.0
More than 30 m²4.
Household consisting of two generationsUp to 15 m²13.113.213.713.514.411.811.811.3
15-30 m²66.467.869.165.764.766.863.763.9
More than 30 m²20.519.017.220.820.921.424.424.8
Other householdUp to 15 m²36.533.329.726.129.424.122.824.8
15-30 m²55.255.157.861.159.057.858.359.3
More than 30 m²8.311.612.512.811.618.018.915.9
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