Reference period201120132015
SexAge groupDistance from the place of residence of the most frequently contacting child
Males and females50 and olderRespondent does not have children13.3..12.6
Does not have contact with child/children1.2..1.0
Contact with child/children85.6..86.4
In the same household25.0..22.9
In the same house7.7..7.9
Less than 1 km10.1..9.9
1-5 km15.2..12.8
5-25 km17.4..17.6
25-100 km10.6..11.8
100-500 km10.8..13.4
More than 500 km3.2..3.7
55 and olderRespondent does not have children13.716.412.5
Does not have contact with child/children1.11.40.9
Contact with child/children85.282.286.6
In the same household21.121.316.8
In the same house8.48.48.4
Less than 1 km10.69.010.9
1-5 km16.513.914.2
5-25 km18.617.720.2
25-100 km11.011.912.4
100-500 km10.713.113.6
More than 500 km3.14.63.7
65 and olderRespondent does not have children15.017.113.9
Does not have contact with child/children1.01.0..
Contact with child/children84.081.985.4
In the same household18.017.114.1
In the same house8.49.09.5
Less than 1 km11.410.311.6
1-5 km17.616.014.8
5-25 km19.819.321.2
25-100 km11.111.112.6
100-500 km10.413.012.8
More than 500 km3.24.33.5
75 and olderRespondent does not have children17.519.517.3
Contact with child/children81.479.482.1
In the same household21.419.815.7
In the same house7.88.49.6
Less than 1 km11.010.610.1
1-5 km16.614.914.7
5-25 km19.418.321.9
25-100 km10.210.012.2
100-500 km10.713.812.0
More than 500 km3.04.13.8
80 and olderRespondent does not have children19.122.320.4
Contact with child/children79.776.678.9
In the same household25.721.416.9
In the same house7.57.89.8
Less than 1 km11.29.79.7
1-5 km15.613.812.9
5-25 km18.318.022.9
25-100 km9.011.512.5
100-500 km10.314.011.7
More than 500 km2.5..3.6
85 and olderRespondent does not have children19.425.725.1
Contact with child/children79.372.574.4
In the same household37.029.021.6
In the same house8.3....
Less than 1 km6.0....
1-5 km13.615.813.3
5-25 km14.4..19.0
25-100 km8.9..12.2
100-500 km9.1....
More than 500 km2.7....
Males50 and olderRespondent does not have children15.2..14.1
Does not have contact with child/children2.2..1.9
Contact with child/children82.6..84.1
In the same household23.3..25.7
In the same house....6.7
Less than 1 km....9.7
1-5 km14.1..12.1
5-25 km18.9..16.7
25-100 km....12.3
100-500 km....13.2
More than 500 km....3.5
55 and olderRespondent does not have children14.721.713.1
Does not have contact with child/children2.0....
Contact with child/children83.375.385.3
In the same household18.416.616.5
In the same house7.47.67.2
Less than 1 km8.58.010.4
1-5 km15.512.013.6
5-25 km20.318.120.7
25-100 km14.415.513.2
100-500 km11.516.215.1
More than 500 km4.05.93.3
65 and olderRespondent does not have children13.520.212.5
Contact with child/children85.077.986.3
In the same household12.811.113.0
In the same house6.98.58.3
Less than 1 km9.98.010.9
1-5 km19.516.914.2
5-25 km21.421.622.9
25-100 km15.013.512.7
100-500 km10.214.314.3
More than 500 km..6.23.7
75 and olderRespondent does not have children14.921.713.7
Contact with child/children83.275.885.3
In the same household11.8..12.4
In the same house9.2..7.2
Less than 1 km8.3..9.0
1-5 km18.715.914.6
5-25 km23.121.824.9
25-100 km15.213.913.2
100-500 km9.715.814.2
More than 500 km....4.6
80 and olderRespondent does not have children17.620.715.0
Contact with child/children80.378.183.3
In the same household....12.9
1-5 km21.2..14.1
5-25 km27.823.927.3
25-100 km....13.0
100-500 km....11.3
85 and olderContact with child/children72.177.379.3
5-25 km....32.1
Females50 and olderRespondent does not have children12.3..11.6
Contact with child/children87.1..88.0
In the same household25.9..21.0
In the same house8.1..8.7
Less than 1 km11.2..9.9
1-5 km15.8..13.2
5-25 km16.6..18.2
25-100 km9.4..11.5
100-500 km10.3..13.6
More than 500 km2.7..3.8
55 and olderRespondent does not have children13.214.112.1
Contact with child/children86.185.287.4
In the same household22.423.116.9
In the same house8.88.89.1
Less than 1 km11.69.411.1
1-5 km17.014.614.5
5-25 km17.817.619.9
25-100 km9.510.511.8
100-500 km10.411.912.7
More than 500 km2.64.13.9
65 and olderRespondent does not have children15.616.114.7
Contact with child/children83.683.284.8
In the same household20.018.914.8
In the same house9.09.110.1
Less than 1 km12.010.912.0
1-5 km16.915.715.1
5-25 km19.218.620.3
25-100 km9.610.312.5
100-500 km10.412.611.9
More than 500 km2.83.73.4
75 and olderRespondent does not have children18.318.918.9
Contact with child/children80.980.380.7
In the same household24.222.117.1
In the same house7.48.210.7
Less than 1 km11.811.410.6
1-5 km16.014.614.8
5-25 km18.317.520.5
25-100 km8.79.111.8
100-500 km10.913.411.1
More than 500 km2.73.83.4
80 and olderRespondent does not have children19.422.622.5
Contact with child/children79.676.377.3
In the same household28.123.618.6
In the same house7.57.310.2
Less than 1 km12.410.910.1
1-5 km14.313.112.4
5-25 km16.116.821.1
25-100 km8.211.112.3
100-500 km11.414.411.8
85 and olderRespondent does not have children18.026.127.3
Contact with child/children80.571.772.7
In the same household..32.523.7
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