PeriodIndicatorPlace of residenceTV watching preferences
2009-2010Number of persons, thousandsWhole countryWatchers and non-watchers total1 191.8
Watches TV1 177.1, current affairs programmes974.6
..feature films573.7
..documentaries and real life programmes327.2
..cultural programmes71.1
..children's programmes45.8 shows, interviews148.1
..other entertainment programmes328.8
Does not watch TV14.7
Urban areasWatchers and non-watchers total827.6
Watches TV816.9, current affairs programmes681.2
..feature films390.5
..documentaries and real life programmes224.0
..cultural programmes56.4
..children's programmes31.8 shows, interviews102.1
..other entertainment programmes226.4
Does not watch TV10.7
Rural areasWatchers and non-watchers total364.2
Watches TV360.2, current affairs programmes293.4
..feature films183.2
..documentaries and real life programmes103.2
..cultural programmes14.7
..children's programmes14.0 shows, interviews46.0
..other entertainment programmes102.5
Does not watch TV4.0
Harju countyWatchers and non-watchers total463.4
Watches TV456.5, current affairs programmes380.5
..feature films214.6
..documentaries and real life programmes132.4
..cultural programmes30.1
..children's programmes16.1 shows, interviews60.2
..other entertainment programmes130.9
Does not watch TV6.9
..TallinnWatchers and non-watchers total352.3
Watches TV347.4, current affairs programmes292.3
..feature films154.0
..documentaries and real life programmes100.2
..cultural programmes25.7
..children's programmes12.6 shows, interviews44.4
..other entertainment programmes104.9
..Harju county (except Tallinn)Watchers and non-watchers total111.0
Watches TV109.2, current affairs programmes88.2
..feature films60.6
..documentaries and real life programmes32.2
..cultural programmes4.3 shows, interviews15.8
..other entertainment programmes26.0
Hiiu countyWatchers and non-watchers total9.1
Watches TV9.1, current affairs programmes7.3
..feature films5.0
..documentaries and real life programmes3.2 shows, interviews1.5
..other entertainment programmes1.8
Ida-Viru countyWatchers and non-watchers total152.8
Watches TV151.1, current affairs programmes110.9
..feature films76.3
..documentaries and real life programmes30.3
..cultural programmes7.2 shows, interviews12.3
..other entertainment programmes61.1
Jõgeva countyWatchers and non-watchers total33.1
Watches TV32.8, current affairs programmes27.8
..feature films12.6
..documentaries and real life programmes9.0 shows, interviews4.3
..other entertainment programmes9.5
Järva countyWatchers and non-watchers total32.2
Watches TV31.8, current affairs programmes27.4
..feature films15.4
..documentaries and real life programmes8.5 shows, interviews2.6
..other entertainment programmes9.3
Lääne countyWatchers and non-watchers total24.8
Watches TV24.3, current affairs programmes19.3
..feature films9.3
..documentaries and real life programmes10.1 shows, interviews3.5
..other entertainment programmes9.5
Lääne-Viru countyWatchers and non-watchers total59.8
Watches TV58.5, current affairs programmes49.0
..feature films26.3
..documentaries and real life programmes13.0 shows, interviews7.6
..other entertainment programmes20.0
Põlva countyWatchers and non-watchers total27.9
Watches TV27.8, current affairs programmes23.0
..feature films10.6
..documentaries and real life programmes9.0
..cultural programmes1.5 shows, interviews8.9
..other entertainment programmes5.2
Pärnu countyWatchers and non-watchers total79.0
Watches TV77.5, current affairs programmes67.1
..feature films42.1
..documentaries and real life programmes25.9
..cultural programmes5.2
..children's programmes4.9 shows, interviews9.3
..other entertainment programmes7.3
Rapla countyWatchers and non-watchers total32.7
Watches TV32.4, current affairs programmes26.0
..feature films18.7
..documentaries and real life programmes10.5 shows, interviews3.6
..other entertainment programmes8.9
Saare countyWatchers and non-watchers total31.2
Watches TV31.0, current affairs programmes26.5
..feature films16.4
..documentaries and real life programmes7.5
..cultural programmes2.3 shows, interviews2.3
..other entertainment programmes2.0
Tartu countyWatchers and non-watchers total131.4
Watches TV130.5, current affairs programmes112.2
..feature films72.0
..documentaries and real life programmes40.4
..cultural programmes10.2
..children's programmes6.3 shows, interviews13.3
..other entertainment programmes34.0
Valga countyWatchers and non-watchers total30.5
Watches TV30.2, current affairs programmes24.2
..feature films16.0
..documentaries and real life programmes4.2 shows, interviews5.4
..other entertainment programmes7.3
Viljandi countyWatchers and non-watchers total49.9
Watches TV49.7, current affairs programmes43.1
..feature films25.3
..documentaries and real life programmes17.1
..cultural programmes3.1 shows, interviews8.4
..other entertainment programmes7.9
Võru countyWatchers and non-watchers total34.1
Watches TV33.7, current affairs programmes30.2
..feature films13.1
..documentaries and real life programmes6.3 shows, interviews5.0
..other entertainment programmes14.1
Proportion (watchers and non-watchers total=100), %Whole countryWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.8, current affairs programmes81.8
..feature films48.1
..documentaries and real life programmes27.5
..cultural programmes6.0
..children's programmes3.8 shows, interviews12.4
..other entertainment programmes27.6
Does not watch TV1.2
Urban areasWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.7, current affairs programmes82.3
..feature films47.2
..documentaries and real life programmes27.1
..cultural programmes6.8
..children's programmes3.8 shows, interviews12.3
..other entertainment programmes27.4
Does not watch TV1.3
Rural areasWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.9, current affairs programmes80.6
..feature films50.3
..documentaries and real life programmes28.3
..cultural programmes4.0
..children's programmes3.8 shows, interviews12.6
..other entertainment programmes28.1
Does not watch TV1.1
Harju countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.5, current affairs programmes82.1
..feature films46.3
..documentaries and real life programmes28.6
..cultural programmes6.5
..children's programmes3.5 shows, interviews13.0
..other entertainment programmes28.2
Does not watch TV1.5
..TallinnWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.6, current affairs programmes83.0
..feature films43.7
..documentaries and real life programmes28.5
..cultural programmes7.3
..children's programmes3.6 shows, interviews12.6
..other entertainment programmes29.8
..Harju county (except Tallinn)Watchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.3, current affairs programmes79.4
..feature films54.6
..documentaries and real life programmes29.0
..cultural programmes3.9 shows, interviews14.2
..other entertainment programmes23.4
Hiiu countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV99.8, current affairs programmes80.0
..feature films54.9
..documentaries and real life programmes35.4 shows, interviews16.5
..other entertainment programmes19.6
Ida-Viru countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.9, current affairs programmes72.6
..feature films49.9
..documentaries and real life programmes19.8
..cultural programmes4.7 shows, interviews8.1
..other entertainment programmes40.0
Jõgeva countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV99.3, current affairs programmes84.1
..feature films38.1
..documentaries and real life programmes27.3 shows, interviews13.0
..other entertainment programmes28.8
Järva countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.8, current affairs programmes85.2
..feature films48.0
..documentaries and real life programmes26.5 shows, interviews8.0
..other entertainment programmes28.8
Lääne countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.2, current affairs programmes77.9
..feature films37.5
..documentaries and real life programmes40.7 shows, interviews14.0
..other entertainment programmes38.5
Lääne-Viru countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV97.7, current affairs programmes81.9
..feature films44.0
..documentaries and real life programmes21.8 shows, interviews12.6
..other entertainment programmes33.4
Põlva countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV99.9, current affairs programmes82.4
..feature films38.0
..documentaries and real life programmes32.2
..cultural programmes5.3 shows, interviews32.0
..other entertainment programmes18.7
Pärnu countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV98.1, current affairs programmes85.0
..feature films53.2
..documentaries and real life programmes32.7
..cultural programmes6.6
..children's programmes6.2 shows, interviews11.8
..other entertainment programmes9.2
Rapla countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV99.1, current affairs programmes79.6
..feature films57.3
..documentaries and real life programmes32.1 shows, interviews11.1
..other entertainment programmes27.3
Saare countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV99.4, current affairs programmes84.9
..feature films52.6
..documentaries and real life programmes24.0
..cultural programmes7.2 shows, interviews7.2
..other entertainment programmes6.4
Tartu countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV99.3, current affairs programmes85.4
..feature films54.8
..documentaries and real life programmes30.7
..cultural programmes7.7
..children's programmes4.8 shows, interviews10.1
..other entertainment programmes25.9
Valga countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV99.2, current affairs programmes79.3
..feature films52.6
..documentaries and real life programmes13.6 shows, interviews17.8
..other entertainment programmes23.8
Viljandi countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV99.5, current affairs programmes86.3
..feature films50.6
..documentaries and real life programmes34.2
..cultural programmes6.1 shows, interviews16.7
..other entertainment programmes15.9
Võru countyWatchers and non-watchers total100.0
Watches TV99.0, current affairs programmes88.8
..feature films38.4
..documentaries and real life programmes18.4 shows, interviews14.7
..other entertainment programmes41.4
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