KUT13: Average attendance in cultural events and institutions of population aged 15-74 during the last 12 months by type of cultural activity and location, 2004

Fraction of populationLocationCultural activity
Total population aged 15-74TotalGoing to theatre1.474
Going to concerts1.660
Visiting art exhibitions0.629
Visiting museums0.512
Going to library5.544
Going to cinema1.500
Visiting sports events0.916
Local areaGoing to theatre1.100
Going to concerts1.300
Visiting art exhibitions0.400
Visiting museums0.300
Going to library5.000
Going to cinema1.200
Visiting sports events0.600
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.300
Going to concerts0.400
Visiting art exhibitions0.100
Visiting museums0.200
Going to library0.500
Going to cinema0.200
Visiting sports events0.200
AbroadGoing to theatre0.000
Going to concerts0.000
Visiting art exhibitions0.100
Visiting museums0.100
Going to library0.100
Going to cinema0.000
Visiting sports events0.000
MalesTotalGoing to theatre1.074
Going to concerts1.390
Visiting art exhibitions0.427
Visiting museums0.393
Going to library3.970
Going to cinema1.623
Visiting sports events1.327
Local areaGoing to theatre0.878
Going to concerts0.935
Visiting art exhibitions0.299
Visiting museums0.167
Going to library2.903
Going to cinema0.885
Visiting sports events0.858
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.242
Going to concerts0.289
Visiting art exhibitions0.109
Visiting museums0.131
Going to library0.114
Going to cinema0.171
Visiting sports events0.288
AbroadGoing to theatre0.052
Going to concerts0.052
Visiting art exhibitions0.044
Visiting museums0.106
Going to library0.072
Going to cinema0.046
Visiting sports events0.032
FemalesTotalGoing to theatre1.820
Going to concerts1.894
Visiting art exhibitions0.804
Visiting museums0.615
Going to library6.902
Going to cinema1.394
Visiting sports events0.560
Local areaGoing to theatre1.370
Going to concerts1.329
Visiting art exhibitions0.552
Visiting museums0.325
Going to library6.148
Going to cinema0.731
Visiting sports events0.252
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.321
Going to concerts0.320
Visiting art exhibitions0.131
Visiting museums0.144
Going to library0.156
Going to cinema0.097
Visiting sports events0.122
AbroadGoing to theatre0.043
Going to concerts0.032
Visiting art exhibitions0.105
Visiting museums0.111
Going to library0.066
Going to cinema0.012
Visiting sports events0.023
Urban populationTotalGoing to theatre1.549
Going to concerts1.750
Visiting art exhibitions0.719
Visiting museums0.539
Going to library5.405
Going to cinema1.633
Visiting sports events0.927
Local areaGoing to theatre1.233
Going to concerts1.219
Visiting art exhibitions0.509
Visiting museums0.268
Going to library4.345
Going to cinema0.929
Visiting sports events0.646
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.246
Going to concerts0.293
Visiting art exhibitions0.117
Visiting museums0.124
Going to library0.138
Going to cinema0.133
Visiting sports events0.217
AbroadGoing to theatre0.061
Going to concerts0.055
Visiting art exhibitions0.089
Visiting museums0.132
Going to library0.081
Going to cinema0.039
Visiting sports events0.030
Rural populationTotalGoing to theatre1.294
Going to concerts1.434
Visiting art exhibitions0.413
Visiting museums0.446
Going to library5.827
Going to cinema1.174
Visiting sports events0.878
Local areaGoing to theatre0.796
Going to concerts0.871
Visiting art exhibitions0.190
Visiting museums0.173
Going to library4.534
Going to cinema0.535
Visiting sports events0.415
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.357
Going to concerts0.328
Visiting art exhibitions0.123
Visiting museums0.168
Going to library0.121
Going to cinema0.145
Visiting sports events0.199
AbroadGoing to theatre0.011
Going to concerts0.011
Visiting art exhibitions0.029
Visiting museums0.051
Going to library0.039
Going to cinema0.009
Visiting sports events0.021
EstoniansTotalGoing to theatre1.754
Going to concerts1.892
Visiting art exhibitions0.738
Visiting museums0.609
Going to library5.819
Going to cinema1.688
Visiting sports events1.118
Local areaGoing to theatre1.297
Going to concerts1.283
Visiting art exhibitions0.456
Visiting museums0.289
Going to library4.960
Going to cinema0.935
Visiting sports events0.659
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.382
Going to concerts0.364
Visiting art exhibitions0.164
Visiting museums0.181
Going to library0.149
Going to cinema0.163
Visiting sports events0.269
AbroadGoing to theatre0.025
Going to concerts0.026
Visiting art exhibitions0.067
Visiting museums0.101
Going to library0.028
Going to cinema0.014
Visiting sports events0.023
Non-EstoniansTotalGoing to theatre0.966
Going to concerts1.239
Visiting art exhibitions0.431
Visiting museums0.337
Going to library5.044
Going to cinema1.159
Visiting sports events0.547
Local areaGoing to theatre0.745
Going to concerts0.806
Visiting art exhibitions0.342
Visiting museums0.147
Going to library3.348
Going to cinema0.587
Visiting sports events0.429
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.085
Going to concerts0.191
Visiting art exhibitions0.035
Visiting museums0.055
Going to library0.104
Going to cinema0.088
Visiting sports events0.104
AbroadGoing to theatre0.089
Going to concerts0.075
Visiting art exhibitions0.082
Visiting museums0.123
Going to library0.146
Going to cinema0.061
Visiting sports events0.037
15-24 year-old personsTotalGoing to theatre1.678
Going to concerts2.456
Visiting art exhibitions0.799
Visiting museums0.670
Going to library10.517
Going to cinema3.943
Visiting sports events1.848
Local areaGoing to theatre1.225
Going to concerts1.320
Visiting art exhibitions0.453
Visiting museums0.238
Going to library9.076
Going to cinema3.042
Visiting sports events1.082
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.297
Going to concerts0.419
Visiting art exhibitions0.169
Visiting museums0.191
Going to library0.409
Going to cinema0.333
Visiting sports events0.377
AbroadGoing to theatre0.017
Going to concerts0.022
Visiting art exhibitions0.050
Visiting museums0.021
Going to library0.089
Going to cinema0.000
Visiting sports events0.000
25-44 year-old personsTotalGoing to theatre1.719
Going to concerts1.930
Visiting art exhibitions0.669
Visiting museums0.553
Going to library5.116
Going to cinema1.628
Visiting sports events1.153
Local areaGoing to theatre1.306
Going to concerts1.371
Visiting art exhibitions0.425
Visiting museums0.250
Going to library4.822
Going to cinema1.316
Visiting sports events0.978
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.388
Going to concerts0.526
Visiting art exhibitions0.163
Visiting museums0.171
Going to library0.164
Going to cinema0.252
Visiting sports events0.392
AbroadGoing to theatre0.065
Going to concerts0.058
Visiting art exhibitions0.076
Visiting museums0.151
Going to library0.088
Going to cinema0.073
Visiting sports events0.052
45-64 year-old personsTotalGoing to theatre1.333
Going to concerts1.237
Visiting art exhibitions0.601
Visiting museums0.454
Going to library3.799
Going to cinema0.419
Visiting sports events0.390
Local areaGoing to theatre1.051
Going to concerts1.042
Visiting art exhibitions0.453
Visiting museums0.238
Going to library3.799
Going to cinema0.392
Visiting sports events0.336
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.254
Going to concerts0.186
Visiting art exhibitions0.098
Visiting museums0.121
Going to library0.126
Going to cinema0.061
Visiting sports events0.110
AbroadGoing to theatre0.047
Going to concerts0.044
Visiting art exhibitions0.092
Visiting museums0.103
Going to library0.078
Going to cinema0.007
Visiting sports events0.018
65-74 year-old personsTotalGoing to theatre0.818
Going to concerts0.740
Visiting art exhibitions0.325
Visiting museums0.298
Going to library3.532
Going to cinema0.121
Visiting sports events0.141
Local areaGoing to theatre0.756
Going to concerts0.679
Visiting art exhibitions0.301
Visiting museums0.221
Going to library3.742
Going to cinema0.152
Visiting sports events0.137
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.088
Going to concerts0.054
Visiting art exhibitions0.057
Visiting museums0.086
Going to library0.016
Going to cinema0.011
Visiting sports events0.008
AbroadGoing to theatre0.017
Going to concerts0.012
Visiting art exhibitions0.021
Visiting museums0.048
Going to library0.003
Going to cinema0.000
Visiting sports events0.003
Persons with below upper secondary educationTotalGoing to theatre0.799
Going to concerts1.099
Visiting art exhibitions0.301
Visiting museums0.293
Going to library4.770
Going to cinema1.393
Visiting sports events0.970
Local areaGoing to theatre0.437
Going to concerts0.540
Visiting art exhibitions0.099
Visiting museums0.089
Going to library2.627
Going to cinema0.295
Visiting sports events0.450
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.058
Going to concerts0.073
Visiting art exhibitions0.020
Visiting museums0.043
Going to library0.012
Going to cinema0.058
Visiting sports events0.049
AbroadGoing to theatre0.000
Going to concerts0.008
Visiting art exhibitions0.003
Visiting museums0.012
Going to library0.000
Going to cinema0.000
Visiting sports events0.007
Persons with upper secondary educationTotalGoing to theatre1.319
Going to concerts1.663
Visiting art exhibitions0.554
Visiting museums0.412
Going to library5.419
Going to cinema1.472
Visiting sports events0.806
Local areaGoing to theatre0.970
Going to concerts1.080
Visiting art exhibitions0.331
Visiting museums0.197
Going to library4.034
Going to cinema0.799
Visiting sports events0.509
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.228
Going to concerts0.314
Visiting art exhibitions0.092
Visiting museums0.113
Going to library0.080
Going to cinema0.101
Visiting sports events0.202
AbroadGoing to theatre0.022
Going to concerts0.017
Visiting art exhibitions0.058
Visiting museums0.052
Going to library0.020
Going to cinema0.031
Visiting sports events0.007
Persons with tertiary educationTotalGoing to theatre2.579
Going to concerts2.338
Visiting art exhibitions1.165
Visiting museums0.962
Going to library6.710
Going to cinema1.683
Visiting sports events1.051
Local areaGoing to theatre1.935
Going to concerts1.711
Visiting art exhibitions0.842
Visiting museums0.447
Going to library6.612
Going to cinema1.320
Visiting sports events0.807
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.562
Going to concerts0.502
Visiting art exhibitions0.252
Visiting museums0.262
Going to library0.328
Going to cinema0.266
Visiting sports events0.378
AbroadGoing to theatre0.130
Going to concerts0.116
Visiting art exhibitions0.159
Visiting museums0.285
Going to library0.210
Going to cinema0.057
Visiting sports events0.079
Persons with lowest wage quintileTotalGoing to theatre1.163
Going to concerts1.567
Visiting art exhibitions0.434
Visiting museums0.305
Going to library4.504
Going to cinema0.591
Visiting sports events0.554
Local areaGoing to theatre0.928
Going to concerts1.220
Visiting art exhibitions0.341
Visiting museums0.187
Going to library4.355
Going to cinema0.517
Visiting sports events0.370
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.182
Going to concerts0.342
Visiting art exhibitions0.072
Visiting museums0.084
Going to library0.149
Going to cinema0.070
Visiting sports events0.157
AbroadGoing to theatre0.053
Going to concerts0.004
Visiting art exhibitions0.021
Visiting museums0.035
Going to library0.000
Going to cinema0.005
Visiting sports events0.027
Persons with second wage quintileTotalGoing to theatre1.272
Going to concerts1.367
Visiting art exhibitions0.424
Visiting museums0.270
Going to library4.235
Going to cinema0.870
Visiting sports events0.565
Local areaGoing to theatre0.978
Going to concerts1.028
Visiting art exhibitions0.306
Visiting museums0.150
Going to library3.963
Going to cinema0.725
Visiting sports events0.423
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.269
Going to concerts0.329
Visiting art exhibitions0.098
Visiting museums0.108
Going to library0.267
Going to cinema0.120
Visiting sports events0.130
AbroadGoing to theatre0.024
Going to concerts0.009
Visiting art exhibitions0.020
Visiting museums0.012
Going to library0.006
Going to cinema0.025
Visiting sports events0.012
Persons with third wage quintileTotalGoing to theatre1.521
Going to concerts1.743
Visiting art exhibitions0.525
Visiting museums0.412
Going to library3.542
Going to cinema1.369
Visiting sports events0.641
Local areaGoing to theatre1.172
Going to concerts1.387
Visiting art exhibitions0.418
Visiting museums0.228
Going to library3.379
Going to cinema1.165
Visiting sports events0.454
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.302
Going to concerts0.341
Visiting art exhibitions0.092
Visiting museums0.136
Going to library0.115
Going to cinema0.182
Visiting sports events0.186
AbroadGoing to theatre0.047
Going to concerts0.015
Visiting art exhibitions0.014
Visiting museums0.049
Going to library0.048
Going to cinema0.023
Visiting sports events0.001
Persons with fourth wage quintileTotalGoing to theatre2.018
Going to concerts1.922
Visiting art exhibitions0.905
Visiting museums0.735
Going to library6.150
Going to cinema1.599
Visiting sports events1.252
Local areaGoing to theatre1.599
Going to concerts1.486
Visiting art exhibitions0.706
Visiting museums0.422
Going to library5.794
Going to cinema1.410
Visiting sports events0.850
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.396
Going to concerts0.410
Visiting art exhibitions0.157
Visiting museums0.187
Going to library0.235
Going to cinema0.187
Visiting sports events0.357
AbroadGoing to theatre0.023
Going to concerts0.026
Visiting art exhibitions0.041
Visiting museums0.126
Going to library0.120
Going to cinema0.002
Visiting sports events0.046
Persons with highest wage quintileTotalGoing to theatre2.479
Going to concerts2.199
Visiting art exhibitions0.938
Visiting museums0.974
Going to library4.750
Going to cinema2.429
Visiting sports events1.620
Local areaGoing to theatre1.869
Going to concerts1.658
Visiting art exhibitions0.581
Visiting museums0.414
Going to library4.141
Going to cinema2.003
Visiting sports events1.253
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.555
Going to concerts0.495
Visiting art exhibitions0.215
Visiting museums0.246
Going to library0.543
Going to cinema0.395
Visiting sports events0.353
AbroadGoing to theatre0.056
Going to concerts0.046
Visiting art exhibitions0.142
Visiting museums0.313
Going to library0.065
Going to cinema0.031
Visiting sports events0.015
WorkersTotalGoing to theatre0.935
Going to concerts1.194
Visiting art exhibitions0.291
Visiting museums0.239
Going to library3.812
Going to cinema0.932
Visiting sports events0.625
Local areaGoing to theatre0.768
Going to concerts0.978
Visiting art exhibitions0.212
Visiting museums0.140
Going to library3.610
Going to cinema0.795
Visiting sports events0.474
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.148
Going to concerts0.202
Visiting art exhibitions0.059
Visiting museums0.070
Going to library0.187
Going to cinema0.110
Visiting sports events0.134
AbroadGoing to theatre0.019
Going to concerts0.015
Visiting art exhibitions0.020
Visiting museums0.029
Going to library0.016
Going to cinema0.028
Visiting sports events0.017
Persons of intermediate occupationsTotalGoing to theatre2.181
Going to concerts2.145
Visiting art exhibitions1.067
Visiting museums0.727
Going to library4.684
Going to cinema1.588
Visiting sports events1.120
Local areaGoing to theatre1.625
Going to concerts1.630
Visiting art exhibitions0.703
Visiting museums0.327
Going to library4.345
Going to cinema1.400
Visiting sports events0.634
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.504
Going to concerts0.455
Visiting art exhibitions0.217
Visiting museums0.237
Going to library0.291
Going to cinema0.185
Visiting sports events0.457
AbroadGoing to theatre0.052
Going to concerts0.060
Visiting art exhibitions0.147
Visiting museums0.163
Going to library0.048
Going to cinema0.003
Visiting sports events0.028
Higher white collar workersTotalGoing to theatre2.854
Going to concerts2.671
Visiting art exhibitions1.309
Visiting museums1.096
Going to library6.500
Going to cinema1.879
Visiting sports events1.213
Local areaGoing to theatre2.078
Going to concerts1.887
Visiting art exhibitions0.839
Visiting museums0.538
Going to library5.973
Going to cinema1.540
Visiting sports events0.799
Elsewhere in EstoniaGoing to theatre0.631
Going to concerts0.672
Visiting art exhibitions0.335
Visiting museums0.310
Going to library0.364
Going to cinema0.287
Visiting sports events0.367
AbroadGoing to theatre0.144
Going to concerts0.112
Visiting art exhibitions0.135
Visiting museums0.249
Going to library0.163
Going to cinema0.053
Visiting sports events0.048
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