Fraction of populationAttendanceCultural activity
Total population aged 15-740 timesGoing to theatre55.786
Going to concerts47.708
Visiting art exhibitions77.959
Visiting museums80.453
Going to library59.098
Going to cinema68.637
Visiting sports events78.349
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre44.214
Going to concerts52.292
Visiting art exhibitions22.041
Visiting museums19.547
Going to library40.902
Going to cinema31.363
Visiting sports events21.651
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre16.627
Going to concerts18.510
Visiting art exhibitions5.875
Visiting museums5.030
Going to library32.742
Going to cinema16.539
Visiting sports events7.865
Males0 timesGoing to theatre65.669
Going to concerts53.603
Visiting art exhibitions83.724
Visiting museums84.767
Going to library66.255
Going to cinema67.505
Visiting sports events70.536
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre34.331
Going to concerts46.397
Visiting art exhibitions16.276
Visiting museums15.233
Going to library33.745
Going to cinema32.495
Visiting sports events29.464
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre11.734
Going to concerts16.045
Visiting art exhibitions3.903
Visiting museums3.744
Going to library25.036
Going to cinema18.187
Visiting sports events11.827
Females0 timesGoing to theatre47.255
Going to concerts42.619
Visiting art exhibitions72.988
Visiting museums76.727
Going to library52.933
Going to cinema69.615
Visiting sports events85.097
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre52.745
Going to concerts57.381
Visiting art exhibitions27.012
Visiting museums23.273
Going to library47.067
Going to cinema30.385
Visiting sports events14.903
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre20.851
Going to concerts20.637
Visiting art exhibitions7.576
Visiting museums6.140
Going to library39.381
Going to cinema15.117
Visiting sports events4.444
Urban population0 timesGoing to theatre53.790
Going to concerts45.161
Visiting art exhibitions75.695
Visiting museums79.811
Going to library60.073
Going to cinema66.388
Visiting sports events78.364
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre46.210
Going to concerts54.839
Visiting art exhibitions24.305
Visiting museums20.189
Going to library39.927
Going to cinema33.612
Visiting sports events21.636
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre17.725
Going to concerts20.321
Visiting art exhibitions6.756
Visiting museums5.375
Going to library32.032
Going to cinema17.938
Visiting sports events7.824
Rural population0 timesGoing to theatre60.602
Going to concerts53.843
Visiting art exhibitions83.471
Visiting museums82.115
Going to library56.976
Going to cinema74.066
Visiting sports events78.311
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre39.398
Going to concerts46.157
Visiting art exhibitions16.529
Visiting museums17.885
Going to library43.024
Going to cinema25.934
Visiting sports events21.689
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre13.881
Going to concerts14.009
Visiting art exhibitions3.700
Visiting museums4.167
Going to library34.259
Going to cinema13.237
Visiting sports events7.963
Estonians0 timesGoing to theatre50.408
Going to concerts43.498
Visiting art exhibitions75.371
Visiting museums77.751
Going to library54.591
Going to cinema65.379
Visiting sports events75.170
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre49.592
Going to concerts56.502
Visiting art exhibitions24.629
Visiting museums22.249
Going to library45.409
Going to cinema34.621
Visiting sports events24.830
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre20.124
Going to concerts20.572
Visiting art exhibitions6.898
Visiting museums6.000
Going to library36.499
Going to cinema18.580
Visiting sports events9.332
Non-Estonians0 timesGoing to theatre65.572
Going to concerts55.365
Visiting art exhibitions82.667
Visiting museums85.362
Going to library67.317
Going to cinema74.569
Visiting sports events84.141
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre34.428
Going to concerts44.635
Visiting art exhibitions17.333
Visiting museums14.638
Going to library32.683
Going to cinema25.431
Visiting sports events15.859
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre10.264
Going to concerts14.759
Visiting art exhibitions4.015
Visiting museums3.268
Going to library25.892
Going to cinema12.823
Visiting sports events5.193
Persons with below upper secondary education0 timesGoing to theatre71.735
Going to concerts60.667
Visiting art exhibitions86.059
Visiting museums85.441
Going to library62.917
Going to cinema72.183
Visiting sports events77.300
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre28.223
Going to concerts39.267
Visiting art exhibitions13.776
Visiting museums14.487
Going to library36.764
Going to cinema27.654
Visiting sports events22.484
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre8.041
Going to concerts12.950
Visiting art exhibitions3.019
Visiting museums2.597
Going to library29.593
Going to cinema15.706
Visiting sports events8.412
Persons with upper secondary education0 timesGoing to theatre56.385
Going to concerts47.315
Visiting art exhibitions81.289
Visiting museums83.074
Going to library61.573
Going to cinema69.140
Visiting sports events79.705
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre43.615
Going to concerts52.685
Visiting art exhibitions18.691
Visiting museums16.861
Going to library38.427
Going to cinema30.834
Visiting sports events20.200
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre14.343
Going to concerts17.313
Visiting art exhibitions4.603
Visiting museums4.286
Going to library30.928
Going to cinema16.183
Visiting sports events7.092
Persons with tertiary education0 timesGoing to theatre35.265
Going to concerts32.575
Visiting art exhibitions61.713
Visiting museums69.256
Going to library49.708
Going to cinema63.243
Visiting sports events76.671
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre64.735
Going to concerts67.367
Visiting art exhibitions38.125
Visiting museums30.533
Going to library50.292
Going to cinema36.757
Visiting sports events23.186
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre31.232
Going to concerts27.446
Visiting art exhibitions11.647
Visiting museums9.327
Going to library39.750
Going to cinema18.184
Visiting sports events8.576
Persons with lowest wage quintile0 timesGoing to theatre61.895
Going to concerts57.362
Visiting art exhibitions81.816
Visiting museums85.941
Going to library64.879
Going to cinema80.980
Visiting sports events87.108
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre38.105
Going to concerts42.638
Visiting art exhibitions18.063
Visiting museums13.857
Going to library35.121
Going to cinema19.020
Visiting sports events12.892
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre11.539
Going to concerts15.433
Visiting art exhibitions4.015
Visiting museums3.442
Going to library29.561
Going to cinema6.978
Visiting sports events4.005
Persons with second wage quintile0 timesGoing to theatre57.195
Going to concerts50.174
Visiting art exhibitions83.242
Visiting museums88.169
Going to library63.191
Going to cinema76.257
Visiting sports events82.859
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre42.805
Going to concerts49.826
Visiting art exhibitions16.656
Visiting museums11.728
Going to library36.809
Going to cinema23.623
Visiting sports events17.021
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre12.633
Going to concerts13.026
Visiting art exhibitions4.257
Visiting museums3.316
Going to library27.935
Going to cinema9.563
Visiting sports events6.277
Persons with third wage quintile0 timesGoing to theatre49.233
Going to concerts38.966
Visiting art exhibitions80.258
Visiting museums83.896
Going to library63.594
Going to cinema67.274
Visiting sports events80.942
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre50.767
Going to concerts61.034
Visiting art exhibitions19.643
Visiting museums16.004
Going to library36.406
Going to cinema32.726
Visiting sports events19.058
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre17.207
Going to concerts19.564
Visiting art exhibitions5.123
Visiting museums4.445
Going to library25.549
Going to cinema16.313
Visiting sports events6.263
Persons with fourth wage quintile0 timesGoing to theatre43.719
Going to concerts39.409
Visiting art exhibitions71.702
Visiting museums74.223
Going to library60.603
Going to cinema64.656
Visiting sports events74.054
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre56.281
Going to concerts60.422
Visiting art exhibitions28.298
Visiting museums25.777
Going to library39.397
Going to cinema35.344
Visiting sports events25.946
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre20.380
Going to concerts24.842
Visiting art exhibitions8.621
Visiting museums7.683
Going to library31.233
Going to cinema17.251
Visiting sports events10.517
Persons with highest wage quintile0 timesGoing to theatre38.876
Going to concerts30.175
Visiting art exhibitions69.203
Visiting museums66.658
Going to library54.434
Going to cinema54.579
Visiting sports events67.243
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre61.124
Going to concerts69.825
Visiting art exhibitions30.466
Visiting museums33.087
Going to library45.566
Going to cinema45.421
Visiting sports events32.757
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre29.546
Going to concerts25.010
Visiting art exhibitions7.529
Visiting museums9.878
Going to library32.628
Going to cinema25.205
Visiting sports events12.006
Workers0 timesGoing to theatre66.631
Going to concerts57.067
Visiting art exhibitions87.145
Visiting museums88.651
Going to library69.627
Going to cinema77.217
Visiting sports events83.804
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre33.369
Going to concerts42.933
Visiting art exhibitions12.797
Visiting museums11.286
Going to library30.373
Going to cinema22.762
Visiting sports events16.091
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre9.247
Going to concerts12.704
Visiting art exhibitions2.419
Visiting museums2.647
Going to library23.435
Going to cinema10.029
Visiting sports events5.647
Persons of intermediate occupations0 timesGoing to theatre38.961
Going to concerts37.225
Visiting art exhibitions67.822
Visiting museums74.630
Going to library58.113
Going to cinema65.752
Visiting sports events78.913
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre61.039
Going to concerts62.775
Visiting art exhibitions32.100
Visiting museums25.370
Going to library41.887
Going to cinema34.248
Visiting sports events21.087
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre28.344
Going to concerts23.969
Visiting art exhibitions10.498
Visiting museums6.589
Going to library31.497
Going to cinema19.092
Visiting sports events6.600
Higher white collar workers0 timesGoing to theatre31.577
Going to concerts26.778
Visiting art exhibitions59.406
Visiting museums65.147
Going to library47.483
Going to cinema61.145
Visiting sports events71.240
at least 1 timeGoing to theatre68.386
Going to concerts73.107
Visiting art exhibitions40.407
Visiting museums34.537
Going to library52.480
Going to cinema38.810
Visiting sports events28.520
at least 3 timesGoing to theatre33.858
Going to concerts29.929
Visiting art exhibitions12.658
Visiting museums11.268
Going to library41.828
Going to cinema19.874
Visiting sports events10.180
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