Fraction of populationOpinion*Cultural activity
Total population aged 15-74Not importantGoing to theatre59.305
Going to concerts54.242
Visiting art exhibitions77.283
Visiting museums81.544
Going to library62.113
Going to cinema72.262
Listening to radio, watching TV10.449
Listening to music25.243
Reading newspapers18.798
Reading books38.299
Going in for sports65.203
Visiting sports events83.346
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.71.605
ImportantGoing to theatre40.695
Going to concerts45.758
Visiting art exhibitions22.717
Visiting museums18.456
Going to library37.887
Going to cinema27.738
Listening to radio, watching TV89.551
Listening to music74.757
Reading newspapers81.202
Reading books61.701
Going in for sports34.797
Visiting sports events16.654
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.28.395
MalesNot importantGoing to theatre75.431
Going to concerts64.864
Visiting art exhibitions86.646
Visiting museums89.181
Going to library72.831
Going to cinema72.467
Listening to radio, watching TV10.440
Listening to music27.118
Reading newspapers21.187
Reading books50.355
Going in for sports60.122
Visiting sports events75.858
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.70.207
ImportantGoing to theatre24.569
Going to concerts35.136
Visiting art exhibitions13.354
Visiting museums10.819
Going to library27.169
Going to cinema27.533
Listening to radio, watching TV89.560
Listening to music72.882
Reading newspapers78.813
Reading books49.645
Going in for sports39.878
Visiting sports events24.142
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.29.793
FemalesNot importantGoing to theatre45.388
Going to concerts45.075
Visiting art exhibitions69.202
Visiting museums74.954
Going to library52.862
Going to cinema72.086
Listening to radio, watching TV10.458
Listening to music23.625
Reading newspapers16.737
Reading books27.895
Going in for sports69.587
Visiting sports events89.809
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.72.812
ImportantGoing to theatre54.612
Going to concerts54.925
Visiting art exhibitions30.798
Visiting museums25.046
Going to library47.138
Going to cinema27.914
Listening to radio, watching TV89.542
Listening to music76.375
Reading newspapers83.263
Reading books72.105
Going in for sports30.413
Visiting sports events10.191
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.27.188
Urban populationNot importantGoing to theatre59.103
Going to concerts53.122
Visiting art exhibitions75.431
Visiting museums80.494
Going to library62.925
Going to cinema70.817
Listening to radio, watching TV10.060
Listening to music24.326
Reading newspapers18.380
Reading books34.656
Going in for sports63.823
Visiting sports events83.088
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.71.307
ImportantGoing to theatre40.897
Going to concerts46.878
Visiting art exhibitions24.569
Visiting museums19.506
Going to library37.075
Going to cinema29.183
Listening to radio, watching TV89.940
Listening to music75.674
Reading newspapers81.620
Reading books65.344
Going in for sports36.177
Visiting sports events16.912
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.28.693
Rural populationNot importantGoing to theatre59.929
Going to concerts57.102
Visiting art exhibitions81.805
Visiting museums84.145
Going to library60.293
Going to cinema75.815
Listening to radio, watching TV11.407
Listening to music27.452
Reading newspapers19.757
Reading books46.964
Going in for sports68.578
Visiting sports events83.966
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.72.408
ImportantGoing to theatre40.071
Going to concerts42.898
Visiting art exhibitions18.195
Visiting museums15.855
Going to library39.707
Going to cinema24.185
Listening to radio, watching TV88.593
Listening to music72.548
Reading newspapers80.243
Reading books53.036
Going in for sports31.422
Visiting sports events16.034
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.27.592
EstoniansNot importantGoing to theatre56.182
Going to concerts53.213
Visiting art exhibitions77.997
Visiting museums81.623
Going to library58.174
Going to cinema74.953
Listening to radio, watching TV10.466
Listening to music25.874
Reading newspapers14.957
Reading books42.465
Going in for sports67.080
Visiting sports events67.080
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.70.395
ImportantGoing to theatre43.818
Going to concerts46.787
Visiting art exhibitions22.003
Visiting museums18.377
Going to library41.826
Going to cinema25.047
Listening to radio, watching TV89.534
Listening to music74.126
Reading newspapers85.043
Reading books57.535
Going in for sports32.920
Visiting sports events32.920
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.29.605
Non-EstoniansNot importantGoing to theatre71.517
Going to concerts62.227
Visiting art exhibitions79.295
Visiting museums82.317
Going to library68.942
Going to cinema77.448
Listening to radio, watching TV8.562
Listening to music29.603
Reading newspapers24.846
Reading books40.739
Going in for sports72.244
Visiting sports events72.244
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.73.807
ImportantGoing to theatre28.483
Going to concerts37.773
Visiting art exhibitions20.705
Visiting museums17.683
Going to library31.058
Going to cinema22.552
Listening to radio, watching TV91.438
Listening to music70.397
Reading newspapers75.154
Reading books59.261
Going in for sports27.756
Visiting sports events27.756
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.26.193
15-24 year-old personsNot importantGoing to theatre61.124
Going to concerts40.211
Visiting art exhibitions77.026
Visiting museums80.331
Going to library43.214
Going to cinema39.915
Listening to radio, watching TV13.665
Listening to music7.600
Reading newspapers30.008
Reading books38.458
Going in for sports36.091
Visiting sports events67.448
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.36.833
ImportantGoing to theatre38.876
Going to concerts59.789
Visiting art exhibitions22.974
Visiting museums19.669
Going to library56.786
Going to cinema60.085
Listening to radio, watching TV86.335
Listening to music92.400
Reading newspapers69.992
Reading books61.542
Going in for sports63.909
Visiting sports events32.552
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.63.167
25-44 year-old personsNot importantGoing to theatre55.540
Going to concerts50.982
Visiting art exhibitions77.295
Visiting museums81.499
Going to library63.867
Going to cinema70.692
Listening to radio, watching TV11.972
Listening to music22.335
Reading newspapers16.241
Reading books36.909
Going in for sports58.503
Visiting sports events80.997
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.66.502
ImportantGoing to theatre44.460
Going to concerts49.018
Visiting art exhibitions22.705
Visiting museums18.501
Going to library36.133
Going to cinema29.308
Listening to radio, watching TV88.028
Listening to music77.665
Reading newspapers83.759
Reading books63.091
Going in for sports41.497
Visiting sports events19.003
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.33.498
45-64 year-old personsNot importantGoing to theatre59.261
Going to concerts60.217
Visiting art exhibitions76.905
Visiting museums81.685
Going to library68.734
Going to cinema86.693
Listening to radio, watching TV8.657
Listening to music33.615
Reading newspapers14.823
Reading books37.299
Going in for sports80.134
Visiting sports events90.631
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.89.371
ImportantGoing to theatre40.739
Going to concerts39.783
Visiting art exhibitions23.095
Visiting museums18.315
Going to library31.266
Going to cinema13.307
Listening to radio, watching TV91.343
Listening to music66.385
Reading newspapers85.177
Reading books62.701
Going in for sports19.866
Visiting sports events9.369
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.10.629
65-74 year-old personsNot importantGoing to theatre67.403
Going to concerts70.029
Visiting art exhibitions78.624
Visiting museums83.200
Going to library69.411
Going to cinema89.892
Listening to radio, watching TV5.696
Listening to music39.455
Reading newspapers18.951
Reading books44.626
Going in for sports91.232
Visiting sports events96.045
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.94.547
ImportantGoing to theatre32.597
Going to concerts29.971
Visiting art exhibitions21.376
Visiting museums16.800
Going to library30.589
Going to cinema10.108
Listening to radio, watching TV94.304
Listening to music60.545
Reading newspapers81.049
Reading books55.374
Going in for sports8.768
Visiting sports events3.955
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.5.453
Persons with below upper secondary educationNot importantGoing to theatre75.055
Going to concerts64.964
Visiting art exhibitions85.502
Visiting museums87.580
Going to library67.467
Going to cinema71.344
Listening to radio, watching TV10.076
Listening to music29.362
Reading newspapers30.533
Reading books55.542
Going in for sports69.589
Visiting sports events81.356
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.71.351
ImportantGoing to theatre24.945
Going to concerts35.036
Visiting art exhibitions14.498
Visiting museums12.420
Going to library32.533
Going to cinema28.656
Listening to radio, watching TV89.924
Listening to music70.638
Reading newspapers69.467
Reading books44.458
Going in for sports30.411
Visiting sports events18.644
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.28.649
Persons with upper secondary educationNot importantGoing to theatre60.504
Going to concerts55.630
Visiting art exhibitions79.438
Visiting museums83.556
Going to library64.779
Going to cinema73.795
Listening to radio, watching TV10.202
Listening to music23.938
Reading newspapers16.656
Reading books37.720
Going in for sports65.317
Visiting sports events84.423
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.69.696
ImportantGoing to theatre39.496
Going to concerts44.370
Visiting art exhibitions20.562
Visiting museums16.444
Going to library35.221
Going to cinema26.205
Listening to radio, watching TV89.798
Listening to music76.062
Reading newspapers83.344
Reading books62.280
Going in for sports34.683
Visiting sports events15.577
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.30.304
Persons with tertiary educationNot importantGoing to theatre37.969
Going to concerts38.662
Visiting art exhibitions63.340
Visiting museums70.523
Going to library50.743
Going to cinema70.591
Listening to radio, watching TV11.327
Listening to music22.581
Reading newspapers8.384
Reading books18.350
Going in for sports59.656
Visiting sports events83.780
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.75.344
ImportantGoing to theatre62.031
Going to concerts61.338
Visiting art exhibitions36.660
Visiting museums29.477
Going to library49.257
Going to cinema29.409
Listening to radio, watching TV88.673
Listening to music77.419
Reading newspapers91.616
Reading books81.650
Going in for sports40.344
Visiting sports events16.220
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.24.656
Persons with lowest wage quintileNot importantGoing to theatre57.936
Going to concerts54.363
Visiting art exhibitions77.948
Visiting museums81.794
Going to library62.505
Going to cinema79.615
Listening to radio, watching TV9.464
Listening to music27.363
Reading newspapers17.083
Reading books36.474
Going in for sports74.297
Visiting sports events89.845
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.81.944
ImportantGoing to theatre42.064
Going to concerts45.637
Visiting art exhibitions22.052
Visiting museums18.206
Going to library37.495
Going to cinema20.385
Listening to radio, watching TV90.536
Listening to music72.637
Reading newspapers82.917
Reading books63.526
Going in for sports25.703
Visiting sports events10.155
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.18.056
Persons with second wage quintileNot importantGoing to theatre57.683
Going to concerts55.312
Visiting art exhibitions81.220
Visiting museums84.327
Going to library66.127
Going to cinema76.732
Listening to radio, watching TV8.166
Listening to music25.289
Reading newspapers15.621
Reading books39.844
Going in for sports71.862
Visiting sports events87.892
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.75.190
ImportantGoing to theatre42.317
Going to concerts44.688
Visiting art exhibitions18.780
Visiting museums15.673
Going to library33.873
Going to cinema23.268
Listening to radio, watching TV91.834
Listening to music74.711
Reading newspapers84.379
Reading books60.156
Going in for sports28.138
Visiting sports events12.108
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.24.810
Persons with third wage quintileNot importantGoing to theatre60.091
Going to concerts51.071
Visiting art exhibitions79.249
Visiting museums84.045
Going to library67.538
Going to cinema75.883
Listening to radio, watching TV9.786
Listening to music21.981
Reading newspapers15.369
Reading books39.906
Going in for sports69.322
Visiting sports events86.185
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.72.389
ImportantGoing to theatre39.909
Going to concerts48.929
Visiting art exhibitions20.751
Visiting museums15.955
Going to library32.462
Going to cinema24.117
Listening to radio, watching TV90.214
Listening to music78.019
Reading newspapers84.631
Reading books60.094
Going in for sports30.678
Visiting sports events13.815
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.27.611
Persons with fourth wage quintileNot importantGoing to theatre54.294
Going to concerts47.043
Visiting art exhibitions73.130
Visiting museums78.488
Going to library63.142
Going to cinema69.298
Listening to radio, watching TV13.285
Listening to music21.027
Reading newspapers12.449
Reading books35.327
Going in for sports59.805
Visiting sports events80.950
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.69.668
ImportantGoing to theatre45.706
Going to concerts52.957
Visiting art exhibitions26.870
Visiting museums21.512
Going to library36.858
Going to cinema30.702
Listening to radio, watching TV86.715
Listening to music78.973
Reading newspapers87.551
Reading books64.673
Going in for sports40.195
Visiting sports events19.050
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.30.332
Persons with highest wage quintileNot importantGoing to theatre53.707
Going to concerts52.447
Visiting art exhibitions75.855
Visiting museums80.676
Going to library64.032
Going to cinema67.900
Listening to radio, watching TV11.502
Listening to music24.467
Reading newspapers11.352
Reading books30.052
Going in for sports45.587
Visiting sports events75.318
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.67.613
ImportantGoing to theatre46.293
Going to concerts47.553
Visiting art exhibitions24.145
Visiting museums19.324
Going to library35.968
Going to cinema32.100
Listening to radio, watching TV88.498
Listening to music75.533
Reading newspapers88.648
Reading books69.948
Going in for sports54.413
Visiting sports events24.682
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.32.387
WorkersNot importantGoing to theatre66.555
Going to concerts61.778
Visiting art exhibitions82.894
Visiting museums86.249
Going to library71.470
Going to cinema78.454
Listening to radio, watching TV9.177
Listening to music28.105
Reading newspapers19.774
Reading books44.792
Going in for sports73.281
Visiting sports events85.962
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.74.274
ImportantGoing to theatre33.445
Going to concerts38.222
Visiting art exhibitions17.106
Visiting museums13.751
Going to library28.530
Going to cinema21.546
Listening to radio, watching TV90.823
Listening to music71.895
Reading newspapers80.226
Reading books55.208
Going in for sports26.719
Visiting sports events14.038
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.25.726
Persons of intermediate occupationsNot importantGoing to theatre43.382
Going to concerts43.742
Visiting art exhibitions70.968
Visiting museums78.501
Going to library58.663
Going to cinema73.641
Listening to radio, watching TV11.312
Listening to music23.745
Reading newspapers8.859
Reading books26.848
Going in for sports61.829
Visiting sports events85.830
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.69.527
ImportantGoing to theatre56.618
Going to concerts56.258
Visiting art exhibitions29.032
Visiting museums21.499
Going to library41.337
Going to cinema26.359
Listening to radio, watching TV88.688
Listening to music76.255
Reading newspapers91.141
Reading books73.152
Going in for sports38.171
Visiting sports events14.170
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.30.473
Higher white collar workersNot importantGoing to theatre41.142
Going to concerts40.543
Visiting art exhibitions64.709
Visiting museums71.154
Going to library52.360
Going to cinema71.772
Listening to radio, watching TV12.350
Listening to music22.432
Reading newspapers7.826
Reading books21.266
Going in for sports56.042
Visiting sports events82.287
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.76.528
ImportantGoing to theatre58.858
Going to concerts59.457
Visiting art exhibitions35.291
Visiting museums28.846
Going to library47.640
Going to cinema28.228
Listening to radio, watching TV87.650
Listening to music77.568
Reading newspapers92.174
Reading books78.734
Going in for sports43.958
Visiting sports events17.713
Going to clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.23.472
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