Reference period201420152016201720182019
Goods and services totalOutput, million Euros2 2182 4892 8242 9353 1413 408
Exports of output, million Euros354366461537572550
Value added, million Euros8369601 1031 1871 2341 332
Employment, full time equivalent27 97231 01432 95331 70230 93132 531
Services totalOutput, million Euros1 3491 5411 7041 8812 0992 287
Exports of output, million Euros121115196231264259
Value added, million Euros549640708806864946
Employment, full time equivalent19 14421 38021 68022 14621 15723 202
Waste treatment servicesOutput, million Euros333314431543643625
Exports of output, million Euros6131100143171144
Value added, million Euros104104140216240240
Employment, full time equivalent3 1032 6513 4084 3984 3714 931
..waste treatment serviceOutput, million Euros151153169190221256
Exports of output, million Euros222010
Value added, million Euros5556648186102
Employment, full time equivalent1 8601 6111 8782 2222 2442 765
..handling of secondary raw materials (metal, plastic, paper)Output, million Euros183161261353422369
Exports of output, million Euros593098143170143
Value added, million Euros494776135154138
Employment, full time equivalent1 2441 0401 5302 1762 1272 166
Construction servicesOutput, million Euros5146376967078191 006
Exports of output, million Euros5166808187108
Value added, million Euros188237271263298374
Employment, full time equivalent8 21610 16710 4418 9329 33811 155 efficient reconstructingOutput, million Euros209210404391434503
Exports of output, million Euros212247464655
Value added, million Euros7678157145158187
Employment, full time equivalent3 3623 3986 0714 9354 9555 588 efficient new constructionOutput, million Euros116206225263305390
Exports of output, million Euros122127313242
Value added, million Euros42778798111145
Employment, full time equivalent1 8703 2813 3743 3163 4734 325 services for wastewater treatment plantsOutput, million Euros587122253550
Exports of output, million Euros682246
Value added, million Euros2127991319
Employment, full time equivalent9231 157324315404572 services related to protection of ambient airOutput, million Euros921022471415
Exports of output, million Euros9112122
Value added, million Euros343810356
Employment, full time equivalent1 4661 60436489163177 services for water distribution systemsOutput, million Euros242812142128
Exports of output, million Euros331123
Value added, million Euros91155811
Employment, full time equivalent387463180179246325 of waste treatment facilities and remediation of soil pollutionOutput, million Euros121775918
Exports of output, million Euros110011
Value added, million Euros462236
Employment, full time equivalent172223876075151 of noise barriers and non-motorized roadsOutput, million Euros233321
Exports of output, million Euros000000
Value added, million Euros111111
Employment, full time equivalent374341382316
Other environmental servicesOutput, million Euros320367358389387413
Exports of output, million Euros81716767
Value added, million Euros156179176189185195
Employment, full time equivalent5 9736 6575 6196 3215 1985 214
..environmental education and managementOutput, million Euros122140126134119129
Exports of output, million Euros1114224
Value added, million Euros687770767075
Employment, full time equivalent2 6793 3052 3222 6932 0132 065
..installation of heat pumps and ventilation systemsOutput, million Euros6583891019998
Exports of output, million Euros5140222
Value added, million Euros253235383737
Employment, full time equivalent1 1261 3991 3311 3081 1921 097
..Installation of solar panels and wind turbinesOutput, million Euros173222313933
Exports of output, million Euros210111
Value added, million Euros61310131714
Employment, full time equivalent266541288406456409
..forest protection and regenerationOutput, million Euros605864667888
Exports of output, million Euros000000
Value added, million Euros232425242930
Employment, full time equivalent665564577628530525
..biodiversity protection activitiesOutput, million Euros352933363237
Exports of output, million Euros000000
Value added, million Euros211819211821
Employment, full time equivalent823349642831579623
..research and developmentOutput, million Euros161922191720
Exports of output, million Euros112110
Value added, million Euros111416151315
Employment, full time equivalent316391420401378392 of game and replenishment of fish stocksOutput, million Euros562348
Exports of output, million Euros000000
Value added, million Euros231123
Employment, full time equivalent97109395351102
Water supply serviceOutput, million Euros89110104120127116
Exports of output, million Euros000000
Value added, million Euros465352646762
Employment, full time equivalent8268759431 1101 005771
Wastewater treatment serviceOutput, million Euros88105108113115121
Exports of output, million Euros000000
Value added, million Euros546365707073
Employment, full time equivalent9909821 2211 3391 2071 099
Services provided within the enterpriseOutput, million Euros488998
Exports of output, million Euros000000
Value added, million Euros233443
Employment, full time equivalent374748463833
Goods totalOutput, million Euros8699481 1201 0551 0421 121
Exports of output, million Euros233251265306308291
Value added, million Euros286321395380370386
Employment, full time equivalent8 8279 63411 2749 5569 7749 329
Goods produced for energy saving purposesInformation onitemOutput, million Euros198225206219221247
Exports of output, million Euros446865748185
Value added, million Euros476260616469
Employment, full time equivalent1 6352 1471 9351 8381 7181 803
Production of fuel wood and wood chipsOutput, million Euros188213236282283329
Exports of output, million Euros656079112115109
Value added, million Euros526171888694
Employment, full time equivalent1 7841 7672 1622 2742 8252 299
Electricity and heat from renewable energy sourcesOutput, million Euros175226241210209212
Exports of output, million Euros1251013150
Value added, million Euros6786102868683
Employment, full time equivalent1 1511 5641 5471 1721 0661 022
Heat produced in CHP plantsOutput, million Euros685463605336
Exports of output, million Euros000000
Value added, million Euros282228252315
Employment, full time equivalent364297334265212134
Renewable energy equipmentInformation onitemOutput, million Euros5349167413026
Exports of output, million Euros394023271011
Value added, million Euros16144512108
Employment, full time equivalent5625431 653434279268
Organic farming productsOutput, million Euros435169877690
Exports of output, million Euros7812100
Value added, million Euros323545584962
Employment, full time equivalent1 8501 9552 1042 1042 1042 104
Waste disposal units and rubbish bags, reusable packagingOutput, million Euros262330384041
Exports of output, million Euros151524292823
Value added, million Euros879111212
Employment, full time equivalent280245341343328348
Products made of recycled materialsOutput, million Euros635659635260
Exports of output, million Euros332524242432
Value added, million Euros171618201618
Employment, full time equivalent606529593510438520
Equipment used in wastewater treatment and water supplyOutput, million Euros312831314743
Exports of output, million Euros888101211
Value added, million Euros10910101414
Employment, full time equivalent316333397386517488
Other goodsInformation onitemOutput, million Euros242418243136
Exports of output, million Euros122221162419
Value added, million Euros1010791112
Employment, full time equivalent279254208232288345
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