JST81: Exposure to physical intimate partner abuse of 15-74-year-olds with relationship experience since the age of 15 by sex and type of abuse, 2008/2009

IndicatorSexType of abuse by partner
Persons, thousandsMales and femalesThrowing with an object, shoving227
Beating, strangling72
Attacking with a gun10
Other physical violence71
MalesThrowing with an object, shoving69
Beating, strangling8
Other physical violence12
FemalesThrowing with an object, shoving158
Beating, strangling64
Attacking with a gun7
Other physical violence59
Share (exposed total= 100), %Males and femalesThrowing with an object, shoving69
Beating, strangling22
Attacking with a gun3
Other physical violence22
MalesThrowing with an object, shoving53
Beating, strangling6
Other physical violence9
FemalesThrowing with an object, shoving80
Beating, strangling32
Attacking with a gun4
Other physical violence30
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