IndicatorTotal production
Reference period2021
Oil shale7 244
Peat for fuel0
Peat for agriculture427.5
Peat mixtures with fertilizers and microcells176.2
Sausages14 793.1
Preserved meat238.9
Smoked meat products5 061.7
Fish products (excl. preserved fish)30 828.4
Preserved fish342.8
Potato products sliced, fried or baked215
Preserved fruits and vegetables6 412.4
Ice-cream6 082.4
Cereal flour and meal (excluding feed and waste, bran)44 854.7
Wheat flour and meal30 001.4
Rye flour and meal11 261.4
Bakery products44 777.6
Pastry goods2 652.9
Chocolate confectionery3 301
Sugar confectionery690.9
Mayonnaise, other emulsified sauces2 727.8
Flavoured or coloured sugar syrups184.2
Compound feedingstuff123 276
Distilled spirits721.3
Low-alcoholic beverages2 003.8
Wine from fruits and berries416.5
Malt beer8 229.6
Mineral water1 034.2
Aerated water1 101
Non-alcoholic beverages2 681.4
Carpets and floor coverings1 332.9
Non-wovens, including wadding9 228.2
Sawn timber (including services)1 278 262.5
Plywood108 085.1
Particle boards, covered at high pressure with a decorative layer or paper, impregnated with melamin resin47 600
Particle boards and other wood plates, not treated or planed67 717
Fibreboard2 356
Veneer sheets48 563.3
Glue-laminated timber273 674.7
Wood pellets712 776
Wood briquette2 236.4
Wood pulp37 190
Thermo-mechanical wood pulp110 119
Paper38 191
Cartons, boxes and packages of corrugated paper or paperboard13 133.5
Petroleum coke9.2
Shale-derived fuel oil and other fuel oil with sulphur content <= 1% of weight650.1
Benzoic acid35 019
Undenatured ethyl alcohol
Resins and plastics in original form11 391
Varnish and paint products12 329.3
Putty, grafting putty, resin cements, caulking compounds and other mastics15 288
Lighting fittings1 172 245
Washing powder603.6
Plastic boxes, cases, baskets and similar articles for the conveyance or packing of goods2 013.4
Plastic windows66 109
Plastic doors993
Building bricks of clay7.9
Cement clinker
Building blocks of cement, concrete or artificial stone280.3
Building bricks of cement, concrete or artificial stone0.2
Prefabricated structural components for house building and civil engineering166
Manufactured ready-mixed concrete367 801.6
Dry mixtures for construction76.2
Cast iron629.5
Metal structures and parts of structures61 201
Metal doors, windows, their frames and thresholds for doors, partition walls58 351
Computers2 993
Electric wires and cables17 237.6
l– missing value; data exist but were not collected
Data extracted on 24 sept 2021 14:37 UTC (GMT) fromStatistika andmebaas


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