Economic activity (EMTAK 2008)Quarter
Economic activities total1st-4th quarters103.1106.3
1st quarter97.7109.0105.4
2nd quarter102.9106.8106.0
3rd quarter104.1104.0104.8
4th quarter107.6105.7
Electricity, steam and hot water supply1st-4th quarters102.1100.6
1st quarter100.7101.4101.3
2nd quarter91.7120.8102.0
3rd quarter105.591.8121.6
4th quarter109.293.0
Mining1st-4th quarters105.8109.3
1st quarter99.5117.998.7
2nd quarter102.5120.5101.4
3rd quarter110.2101.2101.9
4th quarter110.6100.3
..mining and agglomeration of oil-shale1st-4th quarters105.0107.5
1st quarter102.7118.698.5
2nd quarter98.5125.7100.0
3rd quarter108.497.9108.2
4th quarter109.293.5
..extraction of peat1st-4th quarters104.6115.1
1st quarter98.4113.2104.1
2nd quarter102.3119.0113.4
3rd quarter103.7117.2102.9
4th quarter116.4111.5
..other mining1st-4th quarters110.1109.0
1st quarter85.5125.686.5
2nd quarter112.9109.892.1
3rd quarter117.199.586.7
4th quarter111.3116.1
Manufacturing1st-4th quarters103.0106.6
1st quarter97.3109.3106.0
2nd quarter103.4105.8106.4
3rd quarter103.8104.6104.3
4th quarter107.3106.8
..manufacture of food products1st-4th quarters99.0108.0
1st quarter97.8104.7106.3
2nd quarter99.2108.4105.5
3rd quarter98.8111.1100.3
4th quarter100.2107.7
....processing and preserving of meat and meat products1st-4th quarters101.5102.5
1st quarter99.5102.0102.9
2nd quarter102.3103.7101.1
3rd quarter100.0103.3100.1
4th quarter104.1101.1
....processing and preserving of fish1st-4th quarters71.999.6
1st quarter82.590.694.4
2nd quarter67.5109.498.5
3rd quarter68.9101.8100.5
4th quarter68.899.2
....processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables1st-4th quarters110.5116.0
1st quarter92.8101.9121.3
2nd quarter124.5106.180.4
3rd quarter103.3129.557.8
4th quarter123.2124.8
....manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats1st-4th quarters106.185.1
1st quarter118.083.8118.3
2nd quarter126.169.9138.5
3rd quarter98.494.9105.1
4th quarter88.394.1
....manufacture of dairy products1st-4th quarters100.4120.0
1st quarter93.0118.6107.4
2nd quarter97.4120.3109.8
3rd quarter105.1122.8102.9
4th quarter106.7118.1
....manufacture of grain mill products1st-4th quarters95.8105.8
1st quarter100.3103.789.4
2nd quarter90.1112.892.2
3rd quarter97.4104.393.3
4th quarter95.6103.2
....manufacture of bakery and farinaceous products1st-4th quarters97.6105.6
1st quarter94.999.5109.9
2nd quarter96.9108.8103.5
3rd quarter101.1105.5102.9
4th quarter97.4108.2
....manufacture of other food products1st-4th quarters107.0107.6
1st quarter110.5108.6106.6
2nd quarter106.4108.9114.0
3rd quarter104.6110.2112.1
4th quarter106.9103.4
....manufacture of prepared animal feeds1st-4th quarters110.9116.6
1st quarter109.4112.5109.3
2nd quarter104.2119.3107.2
3rd quarter110.5121.2103.5
4th quarter119.1113.6
..manufacture of beverages1st-4th quarters99.992.7
1st quarter120.697.594.9
2nd quarter99.9106.987.7
3rd quarter92.578.2121.1
4th quarter93.686.4
..manufacture of textiles1st-4th quarters112.3102.9
1st quarter113.0105.999.3
2nd quarter117.1101.6100.9
3rd quarter114.0104.892.0
4th quarter106.099.7
..manufacture of wearing apparel1st-4th quarters117.7111.5
1st quarter111.1123.7103.1
2nd quarter106.4127.9103.3
3rd quarter131.298.7104.4
4th quarter120.4101.8
..manufacture of leather and related products1st-4th quarters112.792.0
1st quarter104.094.5104.8
2nd quarter99.978.3130.3
3rd quarter130.689.990.9
4th quarter109.2104.1
..manufacture of wood and wood products1st-4th quarters105.5115.5
1st quarter105.4118.8105.8
2nd quarter102.0117.8110.2
3rd quarter101.7118.0104.0
4th quarter113.2108.0
..manufacture of paper and paper products1st-4th quarters100.7110.1
1st quarter94.4108.6109.7
2nd quarter99.4110.7107.4
3rd quarter104.9110.7109.0
4th quarter104.7110.2
..printing and reproduction of recorded media1st-4th quarters105.097.8
1st quarter103.499.899.5
2nd quarter108.396.6103.1
3rd quarter106.798.299.4
4th quarter102.096.8
..manufacture of refined petroleum products1st-4th quarters88.1175.4
1st quarter43.4283.9148.3
2nd quarter69.5204.1149.8
3rd quarter103.3136.4188.1
4th quarter145.1149.7
..manufacture of chemicals and chemical products1st-4th quarters88.6114.4
1st quarter97.0106.7114.4
2nd quarter78.1113.3116.1
3rd quarter94.4106.8107.1
4th quarter86.5133.7
..manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations1st-4th quarters102.178.5
1st quarter110.270.997.2
2nd quarter110.278.498.3
3rd quarter108.764.1101.9
4th quarter81.7104.7
..manufacture of rubber and plastic products1st-4th quarters107.8108.6
1st quarter102.4111.3102.3
2nd quarter112.1107.0109.5
3rd quarter108.7104.5105.3
4th quarter107.6112.2
..manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products1st-4th quarters112.2112.1
1st quarter106.4119.4102.7
2nd quarter112.3113.299.0
3rd quarter113.3109.3100.5
4th quarter115.8108.2
..manufacture of basic metals1st-4th quarters78.4115.9
1st quarter94.0118.089.3
2nd quarter70.8108.698.1
3rd quarter77.3104.3107.7
4th quarter74.3134.8
..manufacture of fabricated metal products1st-4th quarters106.8112.7
1st quarter105.0114.4107.9
2nd quarter109.9113.5104.4
3rd quarter104.4110.496.5
4th quarter107.9112.8
..manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products1st-4th quarters102.280.2
1st quarter85.485.3100.4
2nd quarter111.477.791.2
3rd quarter108.777.698.1
4th quarter106.281.1
....manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment1st-4th quarters99.4243.1
1st quarter62.888.7806.6
2nd quarter109.6234.1330.6
3rd quarter127.0241.8440.5
4th quarter108.4357.1
..manufacture of electrical equipment1st-4th quarters111.3110.4
1st quarter105.1112.996.4
2nd quarter111.4107.8104.8
3rd quarter107.9115.588.8
4th quarter120.9106.0
..manufacture of machinery and equipment1st-4th quarters96.0108.7
1st quarter102.898.6124.0
2nd quarter94.2106.9113.2
3rd quarter86.9107.4106.8
4th quarter100.7121.3
..manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers1st-4th quarters99.3113.6
1st quarter102.2113.2106.2
2nd quarter100.0107.6114.3
3rd quarter99.3109.4113.8
4th quarter95.8124.7
..manufacture of other transport equipment1st-4th quarters111.6132.0
1st quarter79.0157.5100.7
2nd quarter131.179.8120.1
3rd quarter95.8316.568.0
4th quarter107.4123.5
..manufacture of furniture1st-4th quarters101.4102.9
1st quarter102.5105.494.1
2nd quarter106.2101.7100.6
3rd quarter104.398.6103.6
4th quarter93.7105.4
..other manufacturing1st-4th quarters109.194.6
1st quarter109.799.8115.3
2nd quarter111.492.6125.0
3rd quarter103.592.5122.6
4th quarter111.493.4
(l.. and installation of machinery and equipment1st-4th quarters101.3105.1
1st quarter70.0133.3115.7
2nd quarter93.5101.5112.9
3rd quarter110.882.9135.5
4th quarter135.1111.2
lMissing value; data exist but were not collected
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