Reference period20092015
IndicatorGroup of enterprisesEmployers' satisfaction with the request of employees to learn new knowhow
Number of enterprises, thousandsEnterprises totalTotal18.416.4
Very satisfied3.54.0
Rather satisfied10.79.1
Neither this nor that2.72.1
Not/rather not satisfied1.41.2
Very satisfied2.53.2
Rather satisfied8.87.3
Neither this nor that2.31.9
Not/rather not satisfied1.31.1
Non-profit associations and foundationsTotal1.20.9
Very satisfied0.30.3
Rather satisfied0.70.5
State and local government agenciesTotal2.12.0
Very satisfied0.70.5
Rather satisfied1.21.4
Enterprises of primary sectorTotal0.70.6
Rather satisfied..0.4
Enterprises of secondary sectorTotal5.04.6
Very satisfied0.70.8
Rather satisfied3.12.6
Neither this nor that0.80.9
Enterprises of tertiary sectorTotal12.611.2
Very satisfied2.83.1
Rather satisfied7.46.1
Neither this nor that1.51.2
Not/rather not satisfied0.90.9
Enterprises of Northern EstoniaTotal9.78.8
Very satisfied2.12.5
Rather satisfied5.34.8
Neither this nor that1.61.0
Not/rather not satisfied0.7..
Enterprises of Central EstoniaTotal1.51.3
Rather satisfied1.10.8
Enterprises of Northeastern EstoniaTotal1.20.9
Very satisfied0.3..
Rather satisfied0.80.5
Enterprises of Western EstoniaTotal1.61.8
Very satisfied0.40.4
Rather satisfied0.81.0
Enterprises of Southern EstoniaTotal4.33.5
Very satisfied0.50.7
Rather satisfied2.72.0
Neither this nor that0.70.6
Enterprises with 5-9 employeesTotal9.06.9
Very satisfied1.32.0
Rather satisfied5.43.5
Neither this nor that1.40.9
Enterprises with 10-49 employeesTotal7.57.6
Very satisfied1.71.7
Rather satisfied4.44.4
Neither this nor that1.11.0
Not/rather not satisfied0.4..
Enterprises with 50-249 employeesTotal1.71.6
Very satisfied0.50.3
Rather satisfied0.81.1
Neither this nor that0.20.1
Enterprises with 250 and more employeesTotal0.20.3
Very satisfied0.00.0
Rather satisfied0.20.2
Neither this nor that0.00.0
Share of enterprises (total=100), %Enterprises totalTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied19.124.2
Rather satisfied58.555.6
Neither this nor that14.613.0
Not/rather not satisfied7.87.2
Very satisfied16.823.6
Rather satisfied58.853.9
Neither this nor that15.614.3
Not/rather not satisfied8.98.2
Non-profit associations and foundationsTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied20.331.8
Rather satisfied56.151.1
State and local government agenciesTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied34.624.4
Rather satisfied57.669.8
Enterprises of primary sectorTotal100.0100.0
Rather satisfied..65.2
Enterprises of secondary sectorTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied12.918.0
Rather satisfied60.957.2
Neither this nor that16.418.4
Enterprises of tertiary sectorTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied22.227.4
Rather satisfied58.554.5
Neither this nor that12.210.5
Not/rather not satisfied7.17.6
Enterprises of Northern EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied22.028.2
Rather satisfied54.654.5
Neither this nor that16.011.0
Not/rather not satisfied7.4..
Enterprises of Central EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Rather satisfied73.862.0
Enterprises of Northeastern EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied26.3..
Rather satisfied63.453.3
Enterprises of Western EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied26.323.3
Rather satisfied50.754.7
Enterprises of Southern EstoniaTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied12.119.7
Rather satisfied63.557.3
Neither this nor that16.216.7
Enterprises with 5-9 employeesTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied14.528.2
Rather satisfied60.350.4
Neither this nor that15.313.3
Enterprises with 10-49 employeesTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied22.421.9
Rather satisfied58.157.9
Neither this nor that14.113.7
Not/rather not satisfied5.3..
Enterprises with 50-249 employeesTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied28.519.2
Rather satisfied49.565.6
Neither this nor that13.98.6
Enterprises with 250 and more employeesTotal100.0100.0
Very satisfied17.813.9
Rather satisfied65.868.4
Neither this nor that11.412.6
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