Economic activity
StratumState-owned and municipal institutions and enterprises with 50 and more employees
Reference period2018 Q12018 Q22018 Q32018 Q42019 Q12019 Q22019 Q32019 Q42020 Q12020 Q22020 Q3
Average monthly gross wages (salaries)Euro1 3241 4081 3651 4661 4341 5311 4851 5701 5741 6171 598
Percentage change in average gross wages (salaries) on same period of previous yearPercentage9.367.0710.819.548.278.758.767.099.795.637.63
Percentage change in average gross wages (salaries) on previous periodPercentage-1.026.35-3.047.36-2.176.79-3.035.710.32.73-1.19
Average monthly labour cost per employeeEuro1 7811 8901 8331 9681 9262 0521 9912 1092 1122 0712 150
Average hourly gross wages (salaries)Euro7.777.947.958.228.48.788.518.99.219.679.1
Average hourly gross wages (salaries) of full-time employeesEuro7.878.048.058.328.528.98.639.029.339.779.22
Average hourly gross wages (salaries) of part-time employeesEuro6.626.756.687.
Average hourly labour costEuro11.7112.5213.7512.9312.6213.8714.813.9513.8914.5615.57
Data extracted on 17 jaan 2021 00:15 UTC (GMT) fromStatistika andmebaas


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