Economic activity
Reference period20182019201820192020
2018 Q12018 Q22018 Q32018 Q42019 Q12019 Q22019 Q32019 Q42020 Q12020 Q2
Basic wage or salary together with monthly bonus and premiumPercentage85.4585.2989.8385.6980.8185.6589.6685.4780.286.0389.6985.14
Earnings related to overtimePercentage0.960.990.780.9411.120.841.
Bonus for working in shifts, in night shifts and on public holidaysPercentage0.920.930.941.120.720.890.781.310.690.910.91.32
Irregular bonuses and premiumsPercentage4.484.414.284.362.626.564.464.182.646.294.163.76
Payments for days not workedPercentage7.697.913.667.4914.415.163.87.5614.985.183.978.61
Wages and salaries in kindPercentage0.50.480.520.40.460.610.450.410.460.590.420.29
Payments to employees' savings schemesPercentage000000000000
Data extracted on 27 okt 2020 15:17 UTC (GMT) fromStatistika andmebaas


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