Economic activity
Reference period201820182019
2018 Q12018 Q22018 Q32018 Q42019 Q12019 Q2
Basic wage or salary together with monthly bonus and premiumPercentage85.4589.8385.6980.8185.6589.6685.47
Earnings related to overtimePercentage0.960.780.9411.120.841.06
Bonus for working in shifts, in night shifts and on public holidaysPercentage0.920.941.120.720.890.781.31
Irregular bonuses and premiumsPercentage4.484.284.362.626.564.464.18
Payments for days not workedPercentage7.693.667.4914.415.163.87.56
Wages and salaries in kindPercentage0.50.520.40.460.610.450.41
Payments to employees' savings schemesPercentage0000000
Data extracted on 17 sept 2019 09:16 UTC (GMT) fromStatistika andmebaas


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