Reference period20002001200220032004200520062007
Educational level of the head of the householdEquipment with hot running water
TotalCentral water heating system42.
Local water heating system29.932.834.234.436.837.637.938.9
No hot water available28.126.024.622.922.119.418.515.9
Below upper secondary educationCentral water heating system28.026.025.628.126.930.032.129.1
Local water heating system22.824.625.625.528.330.430.836.1
No hot water available49.249.448.846.444.839.637.134.8
Upper secondary educationCentral water heating system41.440.941.443.339.140.841.245.1
Local water heating system32.335.336.337.
No hot water available26.323.822.319.720.819.118.514.8
Tertiary educationCentral water heating system55.555.053.352.854.754.554.654.6
Local water heating system31.835.137.036.337.137.938.538.6
No hot water available12.79.99.710.
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