Structure of householdWashing facilities
TotalSeparate or shared bathroom84.687.
No bath or shower available15.412.912.810.09.1
Household without childrenSeparate or shared bathroom81.985.384.887.789.0
No bath or shower available18.114.715.212.311.0
Single person aged under 65Separate or shared bathroom83.286.084.390.191.0
No bath or shower available16.814.
Single person aged 65 and overSeparate or shared bathroom73.077.879.683.082.6
No bath or shower available27.022.220.417.017.4
Couple without children, at least one partner is aged under 65Separate or shared bathroom86.988.690.691.293.9
No bath or shower available13.
Couple aged 65 and over without childrenSeparate or shared bathroom79.183.783.184.087.8
No bath or shower available20.916.316.916.012.2
Other household without childrenSeparate or shared bathroom86.088.586.188.990.3
No bath or shower available14.011.513.911.19.7
Household with childrenSeparate or shared bathroom92.391.693.696.296.1
No bath or shower available7.
Adult and child(ren)Separate or shared bathroom94.990.791.195.796.3
Couple with one child93.794.093.597.997.5
No bath or shower available6.36.06.5....
Couple with two childrenSeparate or shared bathroom96.493.596.797.298.3
No bath or shower available..6.5......
Couple with three or more childrenSeparate or shared bathroom89.494.691.496.495.0
Couple with minor and adult children87.988.993.594.896.0
No bath or shower available12.111.1......
Other household with childrenSeparate or shared bathroom86.287.392.091.889.9
No bath or shower available13.812.
Data extracted on 20 okt 2018 12:25 UTC (GMT) fromStatistika andmebaas


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