Reference period20152017
IndicatorPlace of residence / Group of personsAim of library visit
Number of persons, thousandsWhole countryVisiting libraries, total444.8413.2
Borrowing literature398.8348.7
On-site reading93.470.1
Reading newspapers and magazines69.955.4
Visiting events35.940.8
Due to work21.949.5
Getting experiences15.723.2
Spending time with family and friends13.425.5
Getting out of house11.428.1
Other aim15.120.1
Urban settlementsVisiting libraries, total293.9277.9
Borrowing literature261.6233.3
On-site reading66.550.4
Reading newspapers and magazines46.137.1
Visiting events26.525.8
Due to work15.433.3
Getting experiences12.117.4
Spending time with family and friends9.315.3
Getting out of house8.319.3
Other aim7.713.5
Rural settlementsVisiting libraries, total150.9135.3
Borrowing literature137.2115.4
On-site reading26.819.7
Reading newspapers and magazines23.918.2
Visiting events9.315.0
Due to work6.516.2
Getting experiences3.65.8
Spending time with family and friends4.210.2
Getting out of house3.18.9
Other aim7.46.5
Tallinn cityVisiting libraries, total130.0133.1
Borrowing literature113.9112.7
On-site reading35.625.3
Reading newspapers and magazines19.713.8
Visiting events9.210.1
Due to work6.917.7
Getting experiences..6.7
Spending time with family and friends..5.0
Getting out of house..8.6
Other aim..7.7
Northern EstoniaVisiting libraries, total185.0182.5
Borrowing literature163.9156.3
On-site reading47.534.7
Reading newspapers and magazines27.819.6
Visiting events14.013.4
Due to work9.523.3
Getting experiences..9.0
Spending time with family and friends..8.3
Getting out of house..11.2
Other aim..10.7
Central EstoniaVisiting libraries, total48.034.5
Borrowing literature43.827.7
On-site reading7.24.0
Reading newspapers and magazines9.14.5
Visiting events4.74.8
Due to work..4.0
Northeastern EstoniaVisiting libraries, total34.039.9
Borrowing literature29.328.1
On-site reading8.011.9
Reading newspapers and magazines6.910.0
Visiting events..6.8
Getting experiences..7.6
Spending time with family and friends..5.0
Getting out of house..6.0
Western EstoniaVisiting libraries, total55.048.9
Borrowing literature48.239.5
On-site reading7.44.8
Reading newspapers and magazines8.26.6
Visiting events5.55.3
Due to work..6.0
Getting experiences..1.4
Spending time with family and friends..3.8
Getting out of house..2.0
Other aim..3.2
Southern EstoniaVisiting libraries, total122.8105.7
Borrowing literature113.695.9
On-site reading23.214.3
Reading newspapers and magazines17.914.6
Visiting events9.610.5
Due to work4.513.2
Getting experiences..3.8
Spending time with family and friends..5.9
Getting out of house..6.9
Other aim4.53.7
MalesVisiting libraries, total159.2142.5
Borrowing literature131.1112.3
On-site reading42.626.3
Reading newspapers and magazines26.416.1
Visiting events9.410.7
Due to work9.016.2
Getting experiences..7.0
Spending time with family and friends5.59.4
Getting out of house..8.9
Other aim8.27.5
FemalesVisiting libraries, total285.6270.7
Borrowing literature267.7236.5
On-site reading50.843.8
Reading newspapers and magazines43.539.2
Visiting events26.530.1
Due to work13.033.3
Getting experiences11.616.2
Spending time with family and friends8.016.2
Getting out of house9.219.3
Other aim6.912.5
Aged 15-24Visiting libraries, total98.486.4
Borrowing literature87.476.3
On-site reading34.123.7
Reading newspapers and magazines15.55.8
Visiting events4.95.9
Due to work..8.9
Getting experiences4.84.5
Spending time with family and friends..5.7
Getting out of house..4.9
Other aim6.15.6
Aged 25-44Visiting libraries, total156.4146.8
Borrowing literature140.7121.4
On-site reading30.423.5
Reading newspapers and magazines16.514.7
Visiting events11.29.0
Due to work8.021.1
Getting experiences..7.7
Spending time with family and friends5.010.4
Getting out of house..7.7
Other aim5.09.5
Aged 45-64Visiting libraries, total122.2116.8
Borrowing literature110.597.5
On-site reading17.815.0
Reading newspapers and magazines21.320.0
Visiting events11.114.8
Due to work9.216.3
Getting experiences3.96.6
Spending time with family and friends..5.0
Getting out of house..7.9
Other aim..3.3
65 and olderVisiting libraries, total67.863.3
Borrowing literature60.253.5
On-site reading11.27.9
Reading newspapers and magazines16.714.9
Visiting events8.611.1
Due to work..3.2
Getting experiences4.04.4
Spending time with family and friends..4.3
Getting out of house6.87.7
Persons with below upper secondary educationVisiting libraries, total60.373.7
Borrowing literature53.664.0
On-site reading14.214.5
Reading newspapers and magazines11.18.1
Visiting events3.85.7
Getting experiences..5.3
Spending time with family and friends4.16.2
Getting out of house..5.1
Persons with upper secondary educationVisiting libraries, total193.7148.3
Borrowing literature172.9121.7
On-site reading38.826.9
Reading newspapers and magazines29.920.0
Visiting events13.112.1
Due to work5.012.8
Getting experiences5.77.1
Spending time with family and friends..8.8
Getting out of house4.411.5
Other aim6.57.8
Persons with tertiary educationVisiting libraries, total190.8189.8
Borrowing literature172.2162.1
On-site reading40.528.6
Reading newspapers and magazines28.926.9
Visiting events19.022.7
Due to work15.733.6
Getting experiences6.910.8
Spending time with family and friends5.510.4
Getting out of house4.411.5
Other aim5.69.4
Full-time employeesVisiting libraries, total235.0213.7
Borrowing literature209.1177.4
On-site reading39.429.3
Reading newspapers and magazines30.625.6
Visiting events18.019.9
Due to work16.234.1
Getting experiences6.99.1
Spending time with family and friends7.311.3
Getting out of house..8.4
Other aim7.511.5
Part-time employeesVisiting libraries, total37.725.7
Borrowing literature34.122.2
On-site reading10.74.7
Reading newspapers and magazines6.62.9
Due to work..4.3
UnemployedVisiting libraries, total12.814.4
Borrowing literature10.710.6
On-site reading..3.3
Students, non-remunerated traineesVisiting libraries, total66.064.5
Borrowing literature59.959.4
On-site reading24.519.0
Reading newspapers and magazines10.34.5
Visiting events..4.6
Due to work..7.6
Getting experiences..4.3
Spending time with family and friends..4.4
RetiredVisiting libraries, total65.276.3
Borrowing literature57.763.4
On-site reading11.211.0
Reading newspapers and magazines17.517.8
Visiting events8.912.3
Getting experiences3.76.0
Spending time with family and friends..5.2
Getting out of house6.310.3
Other inactiveVisiting libraries, total28.118.7
Borrowing literature27.315.7
On-site reading4.6..
Reading newspapers and magazines3.4..
Share, %Whole countryVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature89.784.4
On-site reading21.017.0
Reading newspapers and magazines15.713.4
Visiting events8.19.9
Due to work4.912.0
Getting experiences3.55.6
Spending time with family and friends3.06.2
Getting out of house2.66.8
Other aim3.44.9
Urban settlementsVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature89.084.0
On-site reading22.618.1
Reading newspapers and magazines15.713.4
Visiting events9.09.3
Due to work5.212.0
Getting experiences4.16.3
Spending time with family and friends3.25.5
Getting out of house2.86.9
Other aim2.64.9
Rural settlementsVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature90.985.3
On-site reading17.814.5
Reading newspapers and magazines15.813.5
Visiting events6.211.1
Due to work4.311.9
Getting experiences2.44.3
Spending time with family and friends2.87.5
Getting out of house2.06.6
Other aim4.94.8
Tallinn cityVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature87.784.7
On-site reading27.419.0
Reading newspapers and magazines15.110.4
Visiting events7.17.6
Due to work5.313.3
Getting experiences..5.0
Spending time with family and friends..3.8
Getting out of house..6.5
Other aim..5.8
Northern EstoniaVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature88.685.6
On-site reading25.719.0
Reading newspapers and magazines15.010.7
Visiting events7.67.3
Due to work5.112.8
Getting experiences..4.9
Spending time with family and friends..4.5
Getting out of house..6.2
Other aim..5.9
Central EstoniaVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature91.280.1
On-site reading14.911.5
Reading newspapers and magazines19.013.0
Visiting events9.813.9
Due to work..11.5
Northeastern EstoniaVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature86.470.5
On-site reading23.729.8
Reading newspapers and magazines20.425.1
Visiting events..16.9
Getting experiences..19.0
Spending time with family and friends..12.6
Getting out of house..15.0
Western EstoniaVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature87.580.6
On-site reading13.59.9
Reading newspapers and magazines14.913.5
Visiting events10.010.8
Due to work..12.3
Getting experiences..2.9
Spending time with family and friends..7.8
Getting out of house..4.2
Other aim..6.4
Southern EstoniaVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature92.690.7
On-site reading18.913.5
Reading newspapers and magazines14.613.8
Visiting events7.810.0
Due to work3.712.5
Getting experiences..3.6
Spending time with family and friends..5.6
Getting out of house..6.5
Other aim3.73.5
MalesVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature82.478.8
On-site reading26.818.5
Reading newspapers and magazines16.611.3
Visiting events5.97.5
Due to work5.611.4
Getting experiences..4.9
Spending time with family and friends3.46.6
Getting out of house..6.2
Other aim5.25.3
FemalesVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature93.787.3
On-site reading17.816.2
Reading newspapers and magazines15.214.5
Visiting events9.311.1
Due to work4.512.3
Getting experiences4.16.0
Spending time with family and friends2.86.0
Getting out of house3.27.1
Other aim2.44.6
Aged 15-24Visiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature88.888.3
On-site reading34.727.5
Reading newspapers and magazines15.86.7
Visiting events5.06.9
Due to work..10.3
Getting experiences4.95.2
Spending time with family and friends..6.7
Getting out of house..5.6
Other aim6.26.5
Aged 25-44Visiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature90.082.7
On-site reading19.416.0
Reading newspapers and magazines10.510.0
Visiting events7.26.1
Due to work5.114.4
Getting experiences2.05.3
Spending time with family and friends3.27.1
Getting out of house..5.3
Other aim3.26.5
Aged 45-64Visiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature90.483.5
On-site reading14.612.8
Reading newspapers and magazines17.417.1
Visiting events9.112.7
Due to work7.514.0
Getting experiences3.25.6
Spending time with family and friends..4.3
Getting out of house..6.7
Other aim..2.8
65 and olderVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature88.884.5
On-site reading16.412.5
Reading newspapers and magazines24.723.6
Visiting events12.717.5
Due to work..5.1
Getting experiences5.96.9
Spending time with family and friends..6.8
Getting out of house10.112.1
Persons with below upper secondary educationVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature89.086.9
On-site reading23.519.7
Reading newspapers and magazines18.411.0
Visiting events6.37.7
Getting experiences..7.2
Spending time with family and friends6.88.4
Getting out of house..6.9
Persons with upper secondary educationVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature89.382.1
On-site reading20.018.2
Reading newspapers and magazines15.413.5
Visiting events6.78.2
Due to work2.68.6
Getting experiences2.94.8
Spending time with family and friends..6.0
Getting out of house2.27.8
Other aim3.45.2
Persons with tertiary educationVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature90.385.4
On-site reading21.215.1
Reading newspapers and magazines15.214.2
Visiting events10.012.0
Due to work8.217.7
Getting experiences3.65.7
Spending time with family and friends2.95.5
Getting out of house2.36.1
Other aim2.95.0
Full-time employeesVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature89.083.0
On-site reading16.813.7
Reading newspapers and magazines13.012.0
Visiting events7.79.3
Due to work6.915.9
Getting experiences2.94.3
Spending time with family and friends3.15.3
Getting out of house..3.9
Other aim3.25.4
Part-time employeesVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature90.386.5
On-site reading28.518.2
Reading newspapers and magazines17.511.3
Due to work..16.8
UnemployedVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature83.973.6
On-site reading..23.1
Students, non-remunerated traineesVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature90.792.2
On-site reading37.129.4
Reading newspapers and magazines15.67.0
Visiting events..7.1
Due to work..11.8
Getting experiences..6.7
Spending time with family and friends..6.9
RetiredVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature88.683.1
On-site reading17.214.4
Reading newspapers and magazines26.923.3
Visiting events13.616.1
Getting experiences5.77.8
Spending time with family and friends..6.8
Getting out of house9.713.6
Other inactiveVisiting libraries, total100.0100.0
Borrowing literature97.084.2
On-site reading16.5..
Reading newspapers and magazines12.2..
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