Goods and services totalOutput, million Euros2 248.0032 589.692
Exports of output, million Euros848.583975.441
Value added, million Euros346.021367.294
Employment, full time equivalent26 632.54631 529.835
Services totalOutput, million Euros1 381.1271 540.144
Exports of output, million Euros565.864635.369
Value added, million Euros128.273141.989
Employment, full time equivalent17 903.76120 924.624
Waste treatment servicesOutput, million Euros361.115379.66
Exports of output, million Euros115.192128.98
Value added, million Euros71.17167.758
Employment, full time equivalent2 741.6513 408.747
..waste treatment serviceOutput, million Euros290.418312.085
Exports of output, million Euros94.647107.275
Value added, million Euros0.4740.184
Employment, full time equivalent2 231.5682 950.392
..handling of secondary raw materials (metal, plastic, paper)Output, million Euros70.69867.574
Exports of output, million Euros20.54521.705
Value added, million Euros70.69867.574
Employment, full time equivalent510.084458.355
Construction servicesOutput, million Euros489.366598.047
Exports of output, million Euros182.692224.672
Value added, million Euros48.88362.099
Employment, full time equivalent7 864.1059 624.745 efficient reconstructingOutput, million Euros209.39210.413
Exports of output, million Euros78.00678.96
Value added, million Euros21.02322.053
Employment, full time equivalent3 376.8433 421.158 efficient new constructionOutput, million Euros116.322202.961
Exports of output, million Euros43.29676.172
Value added, million Euros11.65721.277
Employment, full time equivalent1 877.5393 303.331 services for wastewater treatment plantsOutput, million Euros53.23361.123
Exports of output, million Euros20.0623.202
Value added, million Euros5.4576.562
Employment, full time equivalent854.216972.423 services related to protection of ambient airOutput, million Euros75.05283.043
Exports of output, million Euros28.25931.5
Value added, million Euros7.7028.923
Employment, full time equivalent1 204.8471 321.673 services for water distribution systemsOutput, million Euros21.18721.187
Exports of output, million Euros7.9898.048
Value added, million Euros2.1712.273
Employment, full time equivalent339.896336.956 of waste treatment facilities and remediation of soil pollutionOutput, million Euros11.89316.587
Exports of output, million Euros4.2215.755
Value added, million Euros0.8731.012
Employment, full time equivalent174.05225.759 of noise barriers and non-motorized roadsOutput, million Euros2.2892.732
Exports of output, million Euros0.8611.035
Value added, million Euros00
Employment, full time equivalent36.71343.445
Other environmental servicesOutput, million Euros338.672347.236
Exports of output, million Euros163.931167.303
Value added, million Euros8.15112.102
Employment, full time equivalent5 567.4245 995.484
..environmental education and managementOutput, million Euros128.274131.174
Exports of output, million Euros68.42770.527
Value added, million Euros1.4210.734
Employment, full time equivalent2 959.1142 407.367
..installation of heat pumps and ventilation systemsOutput, million Euros64.65675.118
Exports of output, million Euros24.99629.01
Value added, million Euros4.7129.219
Employment, full time equivalent1 113.8471 267.976
..Installation of solar panels and wind turbinesOutput, million Euros12.92932.394
Exports of output, million Euros5.32312.675
Value added, million Euros1.5941.238
Employment, full time equivalent197.985542.805
..forest protection and regenerationOutput, million Euros60.34936.426
Exports of output, million Euros22.87512.67
Value added, million Euros00
Employment, full time equivalent660.467358.159
..biodiversity protection activitiesOutput, million Euros32.58928.928
Exports of output, million Euros18.71517.227
Value added, million Euros0.0530
Employment, full time equivalent280.037621.083
..research and developmentOutput, million Euros34.82636.686
Exports of output, million Euros21.42422.593
Value added, million Euros0.3710.911
Employment, full time equivalent257.004686.961 of game and replenishment of fish stocksOutput, million Euros5.0496.51
Exports of output, million Euros2.1712.602
Value added, million Euros00
Employment, full time equivalent98.969111.133
Water supply serviceOutput, million Euros88.962109.992
Exports of output, million Euros44.93852.064
Value added, million Euros00
Employment, full time equivalent829.45883.903
Wastewater treatment serviceOutput, million Euros98.638102.174
Exports of output, million Euros57.21460.976
Value added, million Euros0.0680.03
Employment, full time equivalent864.196989.118
Services provided within the enterpriseOutput, million Euros4.3743.035
Exports of output, million Euros1.8971.374
Value added, million Euros00
Employment, full time equivalent36.93522.627
Goods totalOutput, million Euros866.8761 049.548
Exports of output, million Euros282.719340.072
Value added, million Euros217.748225.305
Employment, full time equivalent8 728.78510 605.211
Goods produced for energy saving purposesInformation onitemOutput, million Euros183.013257.809
Exports of output, million Euros44.75260.893
Value added, million Euros50.35567.439
Employment, full time equivalent1 554.3392 090.753
Production of fuel wood and wood chipsOutput, million Euros167.757222.403
Exports of output, million Euros44.11858.738
Value added, million Euros49.59580.91
Employment, full time equivalent1 566.7322 041.025
Electricity and heat from renewable energy sourcesOutput, million Euros185.477236.734
Exports of output, million Euros70.33592.611
Value added, million Euros11.7984.798
Employment, full time equivalent1 219.1821 648.964
Heat produced in CHP plantsOutput, million Euros67.0853.619
Exports of output, million Euros26.86622.84
Value added, million Euros00
Employment, full time equivalent356.936298.729
Renewable energy equipmentInformation onitemOutput, million Euros53.25253.813
Exports of output, million Euros15.53215.54
Value added, million Euros39.4436.699
Employment, full time equivalent568.429611.521
Organic farming productsOutput, million Euros42.61351.069
Exports of output, million Euros32.12834.515
Value added, million Euros00
Employment, full time equivalent1 850.41 954.8
Waste disposal units and rubbish bags, reusable packagingOutput, million Euros64.0723.226
Exports of output, million Euros18.8626.804
Value added, million Euros14.7311.652
Employment, full time equivalent560.756252.205
Products made of recycled materialsOutput, million Euros59.84299.995
Exports of output, million Euros16.39929.832
Value added, million Euros32.30225.183
Employment, full time equivalent580.9281 137.501
Equipment used in wastewater treatment and water supplyOutput, million Euros30.35726.617
Exports of output, million Euros9.8298.726
Value added, million Euros7.8257.17
Employment, full time equivalent303.965306.449
Other goodsInformation onitemOutput, million Euros13.41524.263
Exports of output, million Euros3.8989.573
Value added, million Euros11.721.454
Employment, full time equivalent167.118263.264
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