Reference period201420152016
Goods and services totalOutput, million Euros2 2272 4992 698
Exports of output, million Euros8389601 055
Value added, million Euros354366443
Employment, full time equivalent26 96731 04431 083
Services totalOutput, million Euros1 3581 5651 732
Exports of output, million Euros551647705
Value added, million Euros121115197
Employment, full time equivalent18 14021 32221 253
Waste treatment servicesOutput, million Euros330308428
Exports of output, million Euros101102134
Value added, million Euros6131100
Employment, full time equivalent2 3412 6512 979
..waste treatment serviceOutput, million Euros147147167
Exports of output, million Euros525463
Value added, million Euros222
Employment, full time equivalent1 0971 6111 707
..handling of secondary raw materials (metal, plastic, paper)Output, million Euros183161261
Exports of output, million Euros494871
Value added, million Euros593098
Employment, full time equivalent1 2441 0401 272
Construction servicesOutput, million Euros514637696
Exports of output, million Euros188237267
Value added, million Euros516680
Employment, full time equivalent8 21610 16710 418 efficient reconstructingOutput, million Euros209210404
Exports of output, million Euros7678155
Value added, million Euros212247
Employment, full time equivalent3 3623 3986 058 efficient new constructionOutput, million Euros116203225
Exports of output, million Euros427686
Value added, million Euros122127
Employment, full time equivalent1 8703 2813 367 services for wastewater treatment plantsOutput, million Euros587322
Exports of output, million Euros21288
Value added, million Euros682
Employment, full time equivalent9231 157324 services related to protection of ambient airOutput, million Euros9210224
Exports of output, million Euros34389
Value added, million Euros9113
Employment, full time equivalent1 4661 604363 services for water distribution systemsOutput, million Euros242912
Exports of output, million Euros9115
Value added, million Euros331
Employment, full time equivalent387463180 of waste treatment facilities and remediation of soil pollutionOutput, million Euros12177
Exports of output, million Euros462
Value added, million Euros110
Employment, full time equivalent17222385 of noise barriers and non-motorized roadsOutput, million Euros233
Exports of output, million Euros111
Value added, million Euros000
Employment, full time equivalent374341
Other environmental servicesOutput, million Euros345400387
Exports of output, million Euros167190188
Value added, million Euros81717
Employment, full time equivalent5 9476 5925 662
..environmental education and managementOutput, million Euros150168154
Exports of output, million Euros869790
Value added, million Euros1114
Employment, full time equivalent3 1823 3052 777
..installation of heat pumps and ventilation systemsOutput, million Euros658389
Exports of output, million Euros253235
Value added, million Euros5140
Employment, full time equivalent1 1291 3991 329
..Installation of solar panels and wind turbinesOutput, million Euros173222
Exports of output, million Euros6139
Value added, million Euros210
Employment, full time equivalent272541290
..forest protection and regenerationOutput, million Euros605864
Exports of output, million Euros232024
Value added, million Euros000
Employment, full time equivalent667564554
..biodiversity protection activitiesOutput, million Euros241721
Exports of output, million Euros13911
Value added, million Euros000
Employment, full time equivalent328349403
..research and developmentOutput, million Euros253636
Exports of output, million Euros121718
Value added, million Euros012
Employment, full time equivalent271326271 of game and replenishment of fish stocksOutput, million Euros562
Exports of output, million Euros231
Value added, million Euros000
Employment, full time equivalent9710939
Water supply serviceOutput, million Euros87110108
Exports of output, million Euros465451
Value added, million Euros000
Employment, full time equivalent832875961
Wastewater treatment serviceOutput, million Euros79102105
Exports of output, million Euros476163
Value added, million Euros000
Employment, full time equivalent7679821 186
Services provided within the enterpriseOutput, million Euros488
Exports of output, million Euros233
Value added, million Euros000
Employment, full time equivalent375548
Goods totalOutput, million Euros869935966
Exports of output, million Euros286314350
Value added, million Euros233251246
Employment, full time equivalent8 8279 7229 830
Goods produced for energy saving purposesInformation onitemOutput, million Euros198225206
Exports of output, million Euros476058
Value added, million Euros446865
Employment, full time equivalent1 6352 1471 955
Production of fuel wood and wood chipsOutput, million Euros188192209
Exports of output, million Euros525159
Value added, million Euros656060
Employment, full time equivalent1 7841 7671 906
Electricity and heat from renewable energy sourcesOutput, million Euros175226241
Exports of output, million Euros6788102
Value added, million Euros12510
Employment, full time equivalent1 1511 5641 545
Heat produced in CHP plantsOutput, million Euros685463
Exports of output, million Euros282328
Value added, million Euros000
Employment, full time equivalent364297335
Renewable energy equipmentInformation onitemOutput, million Euros534938
Exports of output, million Euros161412
Value added, million Euros394023
Employment, full time equivalent562543442
Organic farming productsOutput, million Euros435169
Exports of output, million Euros323545
Value added, million Euros7812
Employment, full time equivalent1 8501 9552 104
Waste disposal units and rubbish bags, reusable packagingOutput, million Euros262332
Exports of output, million Euros8710
Value added, million Euros151524
Employment, full time equivalent280245358
Products made of recycled materialsOutput, million Euros636355
Exports of output, million Euros171817
Value added, million Euros332524
Employment, full time equivalent606617541
Equipment used in wastewater treatment and water supplyOutput, million Euros312831
Exports of output, million Euros10910
Value added, million Euros888
Employment, full time equivalent316333401
Other goodsInformation onitemOutput, million Euros242423
Exports of output, million Euros1099
Value added, million Euros122221
Employment, full time equivalent279254244
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