DEU_RES Total energy use by resident units (domestic energy use) - residence principle279 907.48267 650.72
TOT_NRA Energy use by resident units abroad (-)3 327.003 012.00
NRA_FISH National fishing vessels operating abroad0.000.00
NRA_I60 Land transport operated by resident units abroad533.00505.00
NRA_I61 International water transport undertaken by resident units2 507.002 507.00
NRA_I62 International air transport operated by resident units287.000.00
TOT_NRES Energy use by non-residents on the territory (+)7 922.528 918.00
NRES_I60 Land transport operated by non-residents on the territory832.52823.00
NRES_I61 Water transport operated by non-residents on the territory7 090.008 095.00
NRES_I62 Air transport operated by non-residents on the territory0.000.00
ADJ_OTH Other adjustments and statistical discrepancies (+/-)-13 135.82-11 931.70
MEMO_BEYO5AQ of which (memo): energy flows not reported in energy statistics but included in PEFA (bridging item 1) (-)8 540.30-6 025.70
GIEC_TER Gross inland energy consumption - territory principle (=)271 367.18261 625.02
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